Moving out - Need to Unstake?

I have two homemade nodes but I am going to move from my appartement in one or two weeks. What is the good process to set them up in my new home?

If the ip of the node change will it affect it in any way? (Will I just need to reload it on the app to see it?)
Do I need to unstake before moving them?
Is it possible to unstake an offline node? (is an offline node selected at all?)



Will your Wifi network – more specifically the Wifi SSID – be moving with you? If yes, then you should be good to go.

You should also be good to go if your Nodes are connected via Ethernet rather than Wifi.

However – if your Wifi network – specifically the SSID – will be different in your next residence, then you will need to use the Change Wifi feature in the app before you disconnect the Nodes.



Thanks Mike but this is for a pNode. I have done specific nodes from mini PCs. So it should work like a vNode. I don’t think the IP and wifi will affect it in anyway.

Hi @Stradimarius, there is no need to unstake the Node. If it is a homemade Node, you just need to do some configurations with the local network (of your new place) like what you did at your current home.
It will ensure the app can see it and report the correct status of your validator key.


That what I thought. Thank for the confirmation.