Moneyhacks. Who want's to join ?

Hey guys!
Just found this online hackathonfrom Circle.

I think it could be a good opportunity to build something on Incognito for USDC. Pretty sure if you will do it with Incognito anonymity set you will be on the way to win Moneyhacks event.

Let’s find the best idea of what can we build within 72 hours and win in?


:wave:t6: @andrey
This is very important for our project! Here are the advantages we will get in partnership with them:

  • Global dollarized savings accounts based on Circle APIs, USDC and Compound, DMM or other money markets.

  • Global invoicing tools based on Circle APIs, USDC and tools such as Request or the FIO Protocol.

  • Supplier and freelance payments backed by Circle Business Accounts connected to services such as Sablier or Kleros Escrow

  • Treasury automation for DAOs backed by platforms such as Aragon combined with USDC and Circle APIs.