Money disappeared

Hello. I’m fairly new to using Incognito, and while messing around with it I transferred some XMR into PRV. I wanted to trade it back into XMR, so this morning at 4:48AM 3/12 I traded 22.7234996 PRV back into .309095014 XMR. The ID of the trade is 62427 and it just said “unsuccessfull” with no other information, and I now have no PRV or XMR in my account. This was about 11 hours ago. Can anyone help me with getting my money back? Where did it go?

Welcome to the community @Cazilia…first of all be at ease about your funds they are not lost and most likely are just stuck in transit…create a ticket to @Support to help address the issue…be aware that it being the weekend they might take a bit longer to respond to you but they will… :sunglasses:

Hey, we’ve received your support ticket. No worries. Let us look into this for you. :blush:


was this fixed? seems very dodgy