Monero Mining

I’m looking to transition my current vNode server to be a Monero Miner, or other privacy focused coin miner or validator.

I tried researching this on my own and the only guides I can find are years old.

Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to set this up in Ubuntu?

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Hello @brico84,

You should be able to follow other generic Monero miner guides for Ubuntu. The only difference for the pNode would possible be taking the pNode apart to pull the SSD. Although, I would recommend popping the white side panel off, connecting to HDMI and using a USB drive for new OS installation.

I cannot find anything recent, only around 10 years old. Looking for a more recent guide.

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Thanks but this isn’t for command line Linux which is what pNodes and vNodes run off of.

Looking for a step by step guide for CLI Linux