Mister Mind requests his XMR pools to be approved for putting limit orders.

But he does not want to sign up the forum for privacy reasons (https://t.me/incognitochain/102531).




Hi @abduraman, thanks for relaying his messages. Not sure I get his request correctly. Currently, users can place buy and sell orders with XMR/USDT (Ethereum), XMR/USDC (Ethereum), XMR/DAI (Ethereum) pairs on the app since the pools were already verified.
And if he creates pools for XMR and unified stablecoins, they would automatically be verified by the system. So could you please ask him to check his app again? Thanks in advance.

He created an ETH (Unified) / XMR pool whose id starts with b57. As I know and confirm the issue over the app, since he cannot see it on Buy/Sell, he cannot place limit orders on that. @duc Please see the screenshot in this message: https://t.me/incognitochain/102516

Gotcha @abduraman, the pool was verified and displayed on the app. Thanks.