Missing USDT after purchase of new private token

Hi. Have been doing some testing and can’t figure out what happened to all my usdt.


  1. Created a test private token and created the pair added some liquidity. All ok.
  2. Had just over $170 usdt in my wallet and sold 1 of my new private token for usdt @$0.98. Now my usdt wallet ONLY has $0.98. Missing my original usdt. Please help as I can’t use this for our group if it is so unstable.

Hello @skynoid,

Please provide your transaction ID for this transaction so it can be looked into.

I replied to the email with screenshots and more details.

Hi Jared

I restored the wallet on my iPad and the amount showed up. See attached screenshots from both devices. The iPhone still has the wrong amount.

This was the transaction I’d of the small amount.


Larger amount ID


I’m not sure what email you are referring to.

Please go into settings on the iPhone Incognito app and click Clear cache and then click Clear balance history.

This should fix the inconsistencies between the two devices.

Thanks Jared, that worked. Is this a common issue and a reported bug?

Seems to be a little bit of both. The devs have been looking into it. It appears the app is not refreshing data as often as it should be.