Missing transactions.

Hi there! Yesterday I transferred prv from multiple pNode wallets to a single other wallet, but most of them have not arrived to the receiving wallet. I was hoping we can get this looked into, when someone has a moment please? @Support

Similar situation here.

Withdraw PRV from two pNodes. Both pNodes now show 0 PRV. :white_check_mark:
Received the PRV for one pNode to it’s associated wallet. :white_check_mark:
For the other pNode, there is a Receive transaction in the history :white_check_mark:
However the amount in that account has not increased (e.g. no deposit). :x:
I’ve refreshed the account page many times :x:
I’ve checked the account balance on a secondary device :x:
I even refreshed using completely different Internet access. :x:

Seems like there are a lot of broken and/or missing transactions, nodes and other tomfoolery right now. Guess the devs are going to be busy this week fixing all the stuff they just broke network-wide.

hi @Mike_Wagner & @SynthiaNominae,
Could you go to Settings and try “Clear balance cached”, then back to your Assets again to see if the balance updates!


  1. Settings > Clear balance cached
  2. Force quit the Incognito app (for good measure)
  3. Relaunch Incognito app
  4. Checked balance in pNode wallet

Still zero.

(Secondary device same outcome.)

Hi Mike, will send you a DM to follow up with the problem you encountered. That way, it will help us have better tracking and not get mixed up with Synthia’s case.

Tried these suggestions, and I am still missing those transactions.