Missing transaction into shielded wallet from may 28th

Hi guys,

On May 28th i made two separate transactions from my Wasabi wallet to my incognito wallet. On both occasions a unique wallet address was created in the incognito app. However only one of the transaction amounts has been received in my Incognito wallet. Both transactions are showing in Wasabi as having been sent.

So my question is where could the second transaction have disappeared to?

Both transactions were approximately 0.1 btc. 1 arrived in Incognito and the other didn’t. I am meticulous at making sure i dont sent to incorrect addresses etc so what could be the reason for it going missing?

Tx id’s of both:



If anyone could shed some light on this that would be much appreciated. Thanks

Please create a ticket to @Support.

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Hi @T-1000,

Your shielding was timed-out. Just hit the resume button on the App.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I do not see a resume button in the app. I know what you mean and where to locate it, however for the transaction i am referring to which is missing it simply isn’t there.

There is one complete shielded transaction from that date which is complete. This is the transaction which i did receive. The other transaction though is missing altogether. I cannot find any trace of it to further ‘action’. The only evidence I have of it is the tx i.d. above, which i gathered from the Wasabi wallet from where i sent the funds originally.

My apologies for being such a noob, but i have looked round this forum and cannot see how or where i go to create a ticket to @Support? I can only find out how to create topics.

Could you point me to where i need to go to create a ticket please? thanks

Edit: aahh i’m guessing tickets and topics are the same thing! I will create a topic to @support. thanks

To make a ticket directly and privately to support just send a PM to the support account.