missing node monitor statistics

Just wanted to give @Support a heads up that I am missing vote statistics, on some of my nodes, for epochs 5849 and 5850. Is it running out of space again or is it just slow updating? :blush:

Hello @fredlee,

The node monitor should be functioning correctly now. Please refresh your page with CTRL + F5 (command + F5 on a mac).

Also seems there’s a problem with shard 3 - reward has dropped ?

I also have several nodes that had earning issues. shards 3, 4, and 5 on several of my nodes earned less than usual.

@Jared, any idea what’s going on?

The Node Monitor server encountered issues and needed to be rebooted. Please check your earnings in app. Ignore things that look odd on the node monitor.

Earnings in the app are down for shard3, also no stats for epoch 5850 in the app.

app as in monitor.incognito.org or the phone app?

In the app more > power > node > monitor detail. Not sure where is the information coming from there but isn’t it supposed to be the same as the browser page ?

We now advise node operators to only reference the monitor.incognito.org page as it is more detailed and shows a more accurate status.

The recommended page shows decreased rewards for shard 3?

Thank you for the screenshot @radonm. I have pinged the devs, let’s wait for their input.

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Oh, yeah, you’re right, shard 3 looks like a bad shard to validate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 11.39.17

Shard 5 also has some lower rewards, all other shards are > 7 PRV
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 11.41.14

Funny thing btw. I have no node in shard7 according to the node monitor. Is it special or is it just the nature of randomness? =)

Shard assignment is by demand I think, I have no validator in shard 1.

Things are back to normal in epoch 5856, 5857 still in progress…

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Shard 3 back to normal rate.

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Shards 4 and 5 are earning less that others:

Shard 1 is giving 7.2PRV at the moment while shard 6 is giving 6.6PRV. If I understand correctly, this is due to shards not producing all the blocks they should? If this is what we’re supposed to expect or if the team is facing issues with the block proposers right now, I have no idea. Maybe @Support can shed a light on how high rewards we should expect and what (if anything) is going wrong.


No stats for epoch 5887

Thank you for the report @radonm, while the vote count % shows (-) this should not impact earnings. I’ve pinged the devs for them to look into this.

You’re definitely having problems with your servers lately. Do you need help with hosting from the community? :wink:

Epoch 5891 stats missing for shard 5, reward was only 6.6059
Epoch 5892 stats missing for shard 6, got full reward 7.2706

Is all the incognito code on github? Was trying to find the incognito-node-monitor backend, that serves /pubkeystat/ but that seems to be closed source, or did I just miss it?

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