Minted Coin Help

I have minted a coin how do I sent some to other people that wanna hold it?

Any advice

The coin amount should be available in your wallet.

In order for the coin to be tradable, you will need to provide a pool pair under the earn tab.

Pair has been created already now what

Was this a coin that you have minted on the Incognito chain? One that does not exist already outside of Incognito?

This is made on Incognito chain

Please follow the guidelines in this post:

Nobody can hold an unverified coin?

You’re free to use your coin as you wish; send, receive, hodl, etc. However, for it to be tradable with other coins and earn interest % via the Earn tab it will need to be verified first.

I tried sending some to my friend but can’t figure out how to

How do I share with others?

I don’t have experience with minted coins but you should be able to click on your wallet where you minted it to and send accordingly. I will reach out to the devs for clarification.

How can friends find the coin and add it to their wallets?

It will automatically add when sent to them.

For them to trade to it there will need to be a pool pair.

Someone can also search for it manually on the wallet by clicking the + button.

Your saying I have to sent my coin to their prv address?

In order to send any coin to another Incognito user you will need their Incognito address.

How does sombody change the website of the minted coin they made and the email to follow the guidelines to get verified

I believe this is something the devs can change. Please message @Support.