Media and Journalists with focus on privacy

Introduce Incognito to privacy-focused media and journalists


To publish an article about Incognito Technology

Incognito brings full-scale privacy for Bitcoin and blockchain economy.
Incognito builds a privacy-protecting ecosystem for the whole token economy when a user can store, transfer, exchange BTC, and other digital assets as confidentially as it was cash.

What need to do:

  1. Find privacy and blockchain-focused journalists
  2. Share with them why people use Incognito, why it’s important, and why it’s 10x advanced than existed privacy solutions.
  3. Find the right news angle “How Icnogntio may change the token economy”, “how Incognito anonymize bitcoins?”, etc
  4. Publish an article under this thread and get your rewards on the wallet attached to your profile description.


Per article

  • 1000 PRV - Tier 1 (, Coindesk, Forbes, WSJ, Cointelegraph, Decrypt, etc)
  • 500 PRV - Tier 2 (ProPrivacy, theblock, etc)
  • Not supported - Tier 3 (Bitcoinmagazin, Coinspeake, etc)

do not allowed fake views


  • Language - English (for exceptions DM @andrey)
  • Interest - privacy, blockchain, bitcoin
  • GEO: USA, Western Europe

For any question, support or suggestion feel free to DM @elena or @andrey


Great initiative! @andrey - I have a few journalist contacts who write for Forbes and WSJ, but they are from the online retail and business verticals. I’m going to tap into them to see if they can give me some introductions to potential journalists that cover the finance/cryptocurrency space. I’ll ping you when I have something solid.


Hey, @sid, would be awesome if they could introduce us to blockchain journalists. I think we could find an exciting angle for them.

For example, recently, I saw the news that. IRS trying to find a way to trace Monero

We could you this angle to present incognito to journalists. Incognito could be a privacy freedom island.

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Sure, I am happy to make the introduction. I’ll send you a DM on our separate thread as soon as I have a lead.

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