Max button subtracts fee

This is a super simple idea but since PRV network fees are very low it sucks to have to keep trying to subtract the fees to max out sending all of your PRV.

I see this problem when trading or sending PRV I am always left with some PRV fractional amount in my wallet.

If the max button subtracted the fees out for you before you sent that would make the app a little more seamless. This is done on many crypto wallet apps.


The workaround at the moment is to tap the max button, wait for the fee to be calculated and then tap the max button again (which will cause the maximum minus fee to be entered). Would be great if the max button did this automatically though!


Thank you!

Hi @palumboe1, it is implemented in the update today:
Let me know if you have any feedback about it.

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Wow! Awesome transferring in bitcoin today so I’ll update soon!

Did not work when I tried to stake some in the app (on iOS

It’s still doing only the max without the fees and you need to tap it twice to get the real max.


Hi all, @J053 was right. Currently, we need to tap it twice to get the real max value.
We will improve and hopefully it will be available next month.