MAX button missing on swap page

The MAX button (to the left of the coin name) on the swap screen (mobile app) is missing after this last update. Please bring it back!


Also, for some reason I can no longer choose a number of coins for the destination coin. For example: If I want to swap USDT for at least 0.273 ETH, I used to be able to put 0.273 in for the number of destination coins and the (mobile) app would do the math and tell me that I need at least 432.82 USDT (estimate based on the current prices). The app no longer allows me to do that. Please bring this feature back!


I came here to complain about this as well. Why were useful features removed?

Hello @yoo, @Up2UrHeadlights, the two features will be back in the next releases. Especially the “Max” button, we’ve temporarily hidden it in the current version as its UX was quite confusing and required users to tap on the button twice due to fees appearance, the team is working on the improvement. Thanks again for arising those.