MARKETING: $100K Advertising Grant up for grabs via Presearch

Hello Incognito Growth Team,

I highly recommend you take a look at this advertising grant being offered by Presearch (Submission Deadline - 30th Sep 2022)

About Presearch

For those that are unfamiliar with, they are a decentralised, blockchain based, privacy-first search engine. They are competing against Google and in full disclosure I run a Presearch Staking Node as I want to support different projects, like Incognito, that are “Privacy Focussed”.

Here’s the Medium article about the ad grant -

What do selected projects receive as part of their grant?
Presearch has an abundance of targeted traffic and brand awareness opportunities, and projects that are selected for a grant will receive $100,000 worth of exposure within the Presearch ecosystem…

Grant categories

Grants will be awarded to projects selected by Presearch community members in a vote, one project each from the following categories.

1. Censorship-resistant currencies /privacy coins
2. Layer 1 blockchains
3. Layer 2 blockchains
4. DeFi
5. Metaverse/GameFi
6. NFTs
7. Web3 platforms (i.e. Lens, LBRY, Minds etc.)
8. Infrastructure (i.e. Flux, Metamask, Rainbow, Akash, Uniswap etc.)
9. Stablecoins
10. Other

Incognito could apply in 2 of these categories: (1) and (4)

How to Apply for the Grant…

The Incognito Team needs to submit a self-nomination form by September 30th, 2022. Here’s the nomination form -

For questions or more details, email - [email protected]

Some Search Ad Ideas

If Incognito was to win the $100K Ad Grant, here are some of my advertising ideas:

  • Keywords: Node, Staking, Competition, Free Miner
    Promote the Competition to win a Limited Edition pNode (this could attract NEW users)
  • Keywords: High Interest Yield, Earn Yield, Earn Crypto
    Promote the Yield Capabilities of Incognito
  • Keywords: Privacy Network, Privacy Coins, Private Trades
    Educate New users on how Incognito works and sharing Incognito Network stats

If this project wins a grant, I’ll be happy to provide more ideas for building out Search Marketing Keyword Campaigns.

I’m sure the community & growth team can come up with even better ideas…



Thank you @Linnovations, I’ve passed this along to the growth team. They will take a look into it on Monday.

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Thanks for passing this on.

Just a reminder that there is only 1 week left until submission close on this opportunity to gain free exposure on this decentralise “Privacy First” Search Engine. The audience that uses this search engine cares a lot about privacy, this is why I think it’s a good fit for Incognito Network promotions.

Even in the event that Incognito is unsuccessful at securing the grand prize of free search ads, it may be worth considering running a few Presearch Nodes, mining some PRE tokens to fund a Search Ad campaign.

Just a thought.


Voting time :rocket: @Jayce_Nguyen

Direct Link: (If you have not any Presearch account, it will request you to create one)

If you have at least 1000 PRE in your account, your vote is multiplied by 10.


Hi Incognito Community,

As @abduraman has mentioned above, voting has commenced for the $100K Ad Grant on Presearch. :mega: VERY EXCITING!!!

Incognito Chain is a contender in these 3 categories:

  • Censorship-resistant currencies/privacy coin
  • Layer 1 blockchains
  • DeFi

If you can afford to buy 1000 x PRE Tokens (value $0.058027 USD at time of writing, check Coingecko for latest price) then this gives your vote a 10 X boost.

Here are some of the competing projects in each of the 3 categories:

As you’re running the Limited Edition pNode Auction at the moment, how about the Incognito Team set aside 1 of the pNodes for a random lucky draw to a Community Member that casts a vote in the Presearch Ad Grant?

This as a WIN-WIN as it will :-

  1. Encourage community participation to vote in this Advertising Grant.
  2. The more votes to more likely Incognito may wins $100K Ad Grant. This prize will be used to help promote the project on PREsearch thus driving more awareness, liquidty inflow, investment in PRV and vNodes growth etc etc.

The conditions of entry in the winning a pNode Limited Edition would be:
A) Buy 1000 PRE Token (thus casting a 10 x boosted vote)
B) Submit Entry in to the PreSearch Vote before a specific date (anytime before 16th Dec 2022)
C) Submit a screenshot of confirmed vote for Incognito Project to a Forum Post.

Start a NEW Forum Post for folks to upload confirmed screenshot of their vote. Then the Incognito Team picks a lucky winner at random.

These are just my initial thoughts. Perhaps the community has some other ideas they can add.

Perhaps the Growth Marketing Team can run this idea by the PREsearch Team as they may have some ideas to prevent fraudulant gaming of this competition.

Also they mentioned they plan to reach out to some of the projects and feature them on an upcoming YouTube weekly AMAs. I highly recommend you take them up on this offer and you could use the opportunity to promote the pNode competition.

In last week’s AMA, they talked about some of the projects (unfortunately not Incognito) see here -

Hey @Jared @duc @Jayce_Nguyen , please review my idea and run it by the Incognito team when you next meet?

I’m happy to discuss things further if needed. Just post questions below or DM me.


For those just learning about Presearch, I highly recommend watching this excellent video by James Corbett (Corbett Report) as he interviews Colin Pape the founder of Presearch - The world most decentralise Search Engine.

This was recorded 8 months ago, here’s the video :-

Listen To Colin as he explain his background and how he started a business directory in Mountain View, just as Google was getting started. His company was ultimately ruined by Google. This drove him to think about search differently and was the driving force behind building a decentralised search engine - this gave brith to Presearch.

At the 32:20 minute mark, Colin explains the search query process and the node/server infrastructure. This does get a little heavy for the non-tech savvy folks like me, but you will get to know how they do not at any stage track and store search query data, unlike Google, Bing & others.

BONUS TIP: At the 30 minute mark, Colin reveals a not so well publicized fact on who is really behind Duck Duck Go and controls them.


Hi Incognito Core Team, @Jared, @Jayce_Nguyen & @duc,

Here’s an inside scoop…

In the “Layer 1 Blockchain” category, Incognito is up against another project called the “DIVI Project”. I was doing some background research on this project as they seem to have an active community on Twitter. I decided to join their Discord and low and behold I found out they are offering a random draw prize of $500 worth of DIVI to a lucky community member who submits a 10 X vote in the Presearch Ad Grant.

Here is yesterday’s post on their Discord -

Here’s the blog post to educate their community on how to vote -

Please Note: Another thing I learnt from reading the DIVI’s Discord, is they warn against buying 1000 PRE (to get the 10X multiplier) then selling/sending the 1000 PRE to another wallet to cast a 2nd vote. This is because a wallet snapshot will be taken at the end of the voting period and hence the 10X vote will not be awarded.

If the Incognito Team are serious about winning this $100K Presearch Ad Grant, please consider doing something fun to encourage the community to vote.
I feel this needs to be driven by the Growth Marketing Team and I think there could be some really cool prizes that the Incognito Team could reward a lucky draw winner or perhaps a 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize (see below)

Some Prize ideas:

  1. Give away pNode Limited Edition
  2. Give away 1750 PRV - so the lucky draw winner can stake to their own vNode
  3. Give away a prototype of the “Node Tree” (obviously not a working prototype) but that would be a nice piece of incognito Project’s history.

But here’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING once the Incognito team formalises some kind of community competition, the Presearch team will share the details of the competition on their upcoming Weekly YouTube AMA.
TIP: Make the Prize(s) something spectacular… something they can really WOW there audience with, which will drive attention and traffic to Incognito.

This will give the Incognito Project FREE exposure and awareness. I see this as an EXCELLENT opportunity way to educate the Presearch Community on the benefits of the Incognito Project.

Just my thoughts on this as I want to help the Incognito Team drive more exposure during the competition period and hopefully become a winner of an Ad Grant to then gain exposure post competition when we then (fingers crossed) enter into a Bull Market next year.


I purchased 1000 PRE and voted!

FYI, the PRE purchase process was painful. I tried with cc and failed. I eventually succeeded with ETH transfer into my Presearch wallet but it was not automatic - I had to email their customer support to complete the purchase.

If you purchase 1000 PRE, be sure to keep it in your Presearch wallet until the voting ends!