MARKETING: $100K Advertising Grant up for grabs via Presearch

Hello Incognito Growth Team,

I highly recommend you take a look at this advertising grant being offered by Presearch (Submission Deadline - 30th Sep 2022)

About Presearch

For those that are unfamiliar with, they are a decentralised, blockchain based, privacy-first search engine. They are competing against Google and in full disclosure I run a Presearch Staking Node as I want to support different projects, like Incognito, that are “Privacy Focussed”.

Here’s the Medium article about the ad grant -

What do selected projects receive as part of their grant?
Presearch has an abundance of targeted traffic and brand awareness opportunities, and projects that are selected for a grant will receive $100,000 worth of exposure within the Presearch ecosystem…

Grant categories

Grants will be awarded to projects selected by Presearch community members in a vote, one project each from the following categories.

1. Censorship-resistant currencies /privacy coins
2. Layer 1 blockchains
3. Layer 2 blockchains
4. DeFi
5. Metaverse/GameFi
6. NFTs
7. Web3 platforms (i.e. Lens, LBRY, Minds etc.)
8. Infrastructure (i.e. Flux, Metamask, Rainbow, Akash, Uniswap etc.)
9. Stablecoins
10. Other

Incognito could apply in 2 of these categories: (1) and (4)

How to Apply for the Grant…

The Incognito Team needs to submit a self-nomination form by September 30th, 2022. Here’s the nomination form -

For questions or more details, email - [email protected]

Some Search Ad Ideas

If Incognito was to win the $100K Ad Grant, here are some of my advertising ideas:

  • Keywords: Node, Staking, Competition, Free Miner
    Promote the Competition to win a Limited Edition pNode (this could attract NEW users)
  • Keywords: High Interest Yield, Earn Yield, Earn Crypto
    Promote the Yield Capabilities of Incognito
  • Keywords: Privacy Network, Privacy Coins, Private Trades
    Educate New users on how Incognito works and sharing Incognito Network stats

If this project wins a grant, I’ll be happy to provide more ideas for building out Search Marketing Keyword Campaigns.

I’m sure the community & growth team can come up with even better ideas…



Thank you @Linnovations, I’ve passed this along to the growth team. They will take a look into it on Monday.

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Thanks for passing this on.

Just a reminder that there is only 1 week left until submission close on this opportunity to gain free exposure on this decentralise “Privacy First” Search Engine. The audience that uses this search engine cares a lot about privacy, this is why I think it’s a good fit for Incognito Network promotions.

Even in the event that Incognito is unsuccessful at securing the grand prize of free search ads, it may be worth considering running a few Presearch Nodes, mining some PRE tokens to fund a Search Ad campaign.

Just a thought.