Many small transactions/cannot withdraw


Hello, In my node details I have 7 different earnings that I cannot withdraw. They are each very small amounts. I just want to clear them out, to make it clean. Other large node earnings that I receive I am able to withdraw just fine, but not small amounts. Please advise.

please show us your pNode ID and screenshot of the problem



Does that help?

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Could be wrong… But I think payout is ONLY in PRV here. 2 years of ownership and I have never been able to get anything but PRV upon withdrawal.

This is due to liquidity pools having 0% fees, and transaction fees are very close to 0 as well. Rewards from staking are in PRV indeed, which account for the majority of earnings on the platform.

Once Provide is replaced and Uniswap v3-style liquidity pools are implemented in Incognito, a fee will be introduced so you will be able to earn a yield from providing liquidity in things other than PRV.