Making incognito SWAG and merch available

  1. What privacy problem are you solving?

Technically, this isn’t solving a privacy problem, but it’s solving a need. A thread Incognito swaglast week seemed to get a lot of attention for people interested in swag and merch.

This community is very active and has an aligned goal of privacy. Spreading the word of incognito online is great, word of mouth and branding initiatives support this goal.

  1. What is the solution?

Making incognito merchandise available to those who want to support the platform helps our rebels spread the word. The marketing rule of seven, though obnoxious, has merit in that it takes time and multiple iterations for a brand to be remembered. The more incognito branding in the world, the better chance people see it.

I would like to make custom shirts / apparel, decals, hats, and drink glasses (i.e. scotch or pint glass) focused on privacy and incognito. I can make individualized swag for people based on the style or design they’d like.

In addition, if we connect with small and medium crypto influencers, youtube, instagram, twitter, etc. I could send them incognito branded gear for a shoutout.

Some shirts, decals, and glasses below.

My personal favorite is my new incognito scotch glass…

update - Whiskey decanters, can do incognito designs, just example below

incognito shirt yoda incognito

  1. Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

People have requested swag on the incognito forum.
@raz requested two shirts from me, I shipped out to him today,
Although, I can sell these products independently, if funded, I could send our rebels and influencers branded incognito gear. i.e. the first 50 people that staked and followed the incognito twitter etc. I may provide extra incentive for following my facebook or instagram (just started)

Instagram - mostly crypto memes, but all things must begin with a single step. If the incognito community joins and follows, with followers, I will begin more incognito specific posts (separate conversation)

For now, a low maintenance facebook and the incognito message system for people looking for incognito swag is the way I’d like to move forward.

Who are your direct and indirect competitors? Why is your solution better?

I’m not aware of a direct competitor to develop incognito specific and custom designs swag or merch, but indirectly there are many companies that make branded products. My pricing would not match large businesses making mass produced or even medium scale production, but individual custom products, I can match pricing, support the community, and develop specific designs based on the request.

  1. Who are you?

I’m a marketing manager for a flavor company studying food trends, frankly irrelevant to this community, but the examples posted above showcase what I can develop.

  1. Why do you care?

I’m anti anything establishment, government, and just pro liberty, which includes the right to privacy. It’s time people take that privacy back.

  1. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Two primary plans

  1. Simply implement providing this service to the incognito community. I would simply need buy in from the core team that I could provide this to anyone and would love to supply the core team with decals, shirts, glasses, and designs.
  2. Funding for a swag campaign to send crypto influencers and some incognito rebels or stakeholders some branded gear that can be shown in videos, posted, or worn to expos etc.

Begin accepting merch requests: ASAP
Sending merch & swag to individuals: ASAP

Funded larger campaign to send influencers and community members swag: 5/30/2020

  1. What’s your budget?

Option 1: If incognito would like to provide a bonus it would be much appreciated, however due to this being a shop format, initial costs would be 0 and funding would be paid by individuals interested in swag
Shirts: 20 PRV + shipping in PRV
Glasses 20 PRV +shipping in PRV
Decals: 5 PRV

Option 2: (Assuming 50 people receiving a shirt and a whiskey glass)
Shirts can be personalized
| Shirts | 500 PRV | 1 |
| Whiskey Glass | 500 PRV | 1 |
| Printing material | 500 PRV|1|
| Labor/ shipping| 1000 PRV|1|
|TOTAL |(500+500+500+1000) PRV|

  1. Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

Yes, Incognito Swag

  1. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Excited to see incognito grow, got excited right off the bat. Excited about crypto and most excited about more privacy.


Ooh, that sounds fun! Quick question: how small is too small, YouTuber-wise?

I don’t necessarily have the answer on this, but I think a fair number for small would be over 1000 - 5000 followers, maybe in the 500 range if their followers hit our target group (that are real people, would look through and verify that the majority of the followers are people not bots. Ideally though, hitting the medium 10k plus followers.

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Darn it. Alright, that’s fair. Looks like I have another reason to hit the 1,000 sub goal!


Good luck! Hope you hit that number!
I’m sure there will be reevaluation on the metrics etc. if it were to be funded. Not sure that the metrics I outlined would be the key deciding factor so depending on your channel, it’s not off the table.


I support this idea myself. I would actually like to contribute to the cause as I am currently in the process of designing a limited edition PRV/Incognito 1 oz Silver coin. Rather than me try to sell through a separate channel or being a competitor, I was thinking maybe just adding them to your inventory selection. I am almost certain I can raise the funds to produce the first round of these coins myself. Just though with what your aim is, this could be a good addition.

anyway love the project!


N ew Star Wars themed Incognito design - probably going to make myself a shirt, so I’ll post a pic it I do


This is sick. Outstanding work. I need one.


You say jump, I say how high. If you want want just let me know!

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