Make Unverified Coins More Obvious?

Suggestion: make font bold / red for unverified coins (or some other significant change) to make it much more obvious that a coin is unverified. It seems people are trying to trick others with “fake” coins in incognito.

In the coin list when searching for a coin to trade and watching the Incognito explorer (exchange tab), I’ve seen numerous coins with very similar names as legit coins, and even some with the exact same name as legit coins being exchanged.

For example initiate a trade for busd - search for busd, and you’ll find 4 of them - only 3 are legit (green check mark) and the 4th is set with some wild liquidity, so you’ll think you are getting an amazing deal - however you’ll be giving away real $ (even if only a little) for a useless coin.

I’ve seen other coins being traded for prices way below what they should be, only to find that they’re unverified and on the wrong blockchain (an unverified coin on incognito on BEP20, check coinmarketcap to see it’s only on ERC20).

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Hi @yoo Thank you for your contribution, we have separated the verified coins and unverified coins via the “Show unverified coins” checkbox, about UI/UX it’s pretty clear for you to distinguish the “fake” coins. It will be released with pdex-v3(The data below is testnet).


If that’s search from the trade screen - that is a huge improvement. If it’s not, please do the same there, Thank you!

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