make BTC available for swap


when I open the wallet from the extension, funds are displayed correctly.

On exchange web page after I connect the wallet funds are not shown - Btc on Bitcoin network is not available. This was working a week ago.
BTC is available only on pBitcoin, pFantom, pBSC networks in the swap page.

Am I missing something or did somehing change on the exchange?

Thank you!


please choose pBitcoin, the first character “p” represents privacy in Incognito Chain

ok, I have chosen pBitcoin, but the funds do not appear.
When I open the wallet from the extension they are present.

Please give me the version of extension you are using, thank you.

the version of the extension is 0.0.6

Please help me, this is very important; it looks like the wallet is not connecting properly.

the issue is resolved.
If others get into this - the cause was that the wallet was not synced. After I opened it several times I noticed it started syncing and I gave it time to finish this process. It took a very long time but finished and the btc is now available for swap.


Hi Michael, hope that your problem has been resolved.
I think I can explain a little bit here. The incognito wallet has to scan through thousands of different coins and tokens, using your private key, to identify where your coin is. In this case “Where is michael1234 x amount of pBTC?” and will return the answer. Give it couple of minutes and then it will display the correct amount of your balance.
Let me know if you have more questions.

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Hi Ryan,

thank you for the answer.
I am curious to find out why it does not do this every time, now when I open the wallet or the incognito swap it loads quickly.

Also what I am looking for is the history of transactions.
On - Account - Transactions it is empty , although I did few.
Do you offer a way to see past transactions?

Thank you.

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It only needs to scan once to locate your coin and when it is finished, you don’t have to do it again (This helps the smooth UI/UX). If you are setting up your wallet in the new laptop or browser, that would happen again.
For swap history, unfortunately, you cannot see it because we cannot fetch the data for your swap. You can see your data for sending and receiving a specific token. Hope this answers your questions and happy new year.

Hi Ryan,

thank you for the information.

Where can I see data for sending and receiving a specific token?

Thank you.