Mainnet properties

Do we have a one-place that tracks what are currently running on the Mainnet? Like which consensus algorithm, single-view or multi-view, how privacy it is, etc. I found this document but it does not seem to cover enough information.


Hey @Semaj, I transferred your question to our developers. They will jump in and give an answer soon. :wink: :raised_hands:


Thanks, @Ducky.

@Ducky any update?

hey @Semaj, as you can see, Incognito is still under highly active development, a lot of changes happened since then and there will be a lot of things coming if you look into our roadmap.

Yes, it’s our fault for not keeping the community updated with current properties of mainnet in one-place. Regarding network parameters, most of them are still the same as in document you saw.

For the other things like consensus, privacy and interoperability, I guess you did browse over the forum and had a look at our whitepaper along with related specific spec of each aspect:

  • Incognito is running this consensus protocol with multiview on the mainnet.
  • For privacy, it’s using this protocol (only sender and amount are censored currently) and will be improving with privacy v2 that Andrey gave you earlier.
  • Finally, for interoperability, the details of trustless bridge to Ethereum network could be found here

Also, once we have any big changes (on params, protocol, etc), we’ll publish an announcement to the forum then.


I think it’s better to have a place for new users (who care about technology, like me) to deeply understand the network. Moreover, it somehow showcases the professionalism of the team.

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yes, thanks for the suggestion, we’re designing the new website for Incognito with a dedicated section for tech, it will be published very soon.