Lower earnings and history missing

Two issues:

  1. the last two times my pnode earnings have been substantially lower then what they’ve been. Both times right around 7 prv (historically closer to 18). Is this to be expected? Is anyone else seeming this? (Also, my last withdraws seems to have disappeared into the ether)

  2. several updates ago all of my historical data disappeared. I can only see my last two withdrawals, trades and additions to liquidity. I am unable to verify how much I’ve contributed to liquidity against my current balance there. It seems low to me, but without the historical data, I can’t verify. I’ve posted about this before with no real answer. It’s not that I’m not scrolling down. There is nothing there.

I’ve been considering staking some of my own funds. But I need a little more assurance that I won’t lose data and that there’s continuity after app updates.


Hello @Jzc,

This thread has a few other people discussing about an issue that may be tied to the issue you’re probably experiencing.

I am not sure about the lower earnings and its correlation to any issues from yesterday, but I’d let the team weigh in their thoughts here. Same thing with historical data - I’ve noticed this too, but unsure if this is just a UI update bug or something that got deprecated between the recent dot releases/updates.

@Jamie, @Mike_Wagner, @aaron, @andrey, @Ducky, @annie, @ning, @Peter - could one of you please confirm?


Hey @Jzc, thanks for reporting the historical data disappearance. that’s actually a bug and I have just let my team know.

We will have it fixed and release a new update soon.

Re: lower earnings, I think @Peter could help on clarifying this thing.

Hi @Jzc, may I know which type of staking your pNode is using: Regular staking or Funded staking?
Normally, the reward for 1 epoch is around 10.9 PRV. When you join the committee, you will stay there from 2 epochs (minimum) to 3 epochs (maximum). Hence, the reward after each time you earn is from 10.9 PRV x 2 = 21.8 PRV to 10.9 x 3 = 32.7 PRV approximately (Regular staking).
The numbers for Funded staking are 21.8 PRV x 35% = 7.63 PRV and 11.44 PRV approximately.

If your node earnings are closed to these numbers, it would be fine.

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I think I’m funded staking. But initially I was earning something closer to 18 PRV. Has it declined that much?

@Jzc, That could be the earning from multiple epochs. One epoch is about 3.88 hours. If you get 18 PRV after 3.88 hours /7.66 hours/ 11.64 hours, that must be an error.