Longest Non-Earning Streak. [Reigning champion: JG20 at 95 days]

@Jamie my vNode finally went into Pending, so looks like tomorrow will break the streak Jun 21 to Aug 1 … 40 days is the new goal to beat, I surely hope for everyone else’s sake that is a record that stands for a very long time.


One of mine just went pending as well, ending a 32 day streak tomorrow.
However my newest pNode – which just received the funded stake yesterday evening – is earning today. The older ones got shown up by the youngster, lol.

Welp … except for the one currently sitting at 31 days …

But that does mean two of my pNodes will have gone the entire month of July without earning a single PRV. Good for nothing, electrical freeloaders …




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How do I see if my node is pending?

Its been over a month since I have been waiting to unstake. How do you find you last reward date?

You can use the Telegram bot, Nito built by @Josh_Hamon, @mesquka’s Incognito Tool or @raz’s Node Watcher.

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Enjoy it while you have it my friend…hehehehe…cause I am on the hunt for that badge…aka:…the precious…muhahahaha…:wink:

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I have a feeling the competition is going to be stiff… I actually think of all the badges, this one should come with a PRV reward… maybe someone from staff can add that for future badge “winners”

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Yea I tell you for some twisted reason ever since I first joined the community back in April…that badge…aka …the precious…is for me the most coveted one I desire to get and keep…I know it be sort of twisted for well it denotes you are not earning…I mean we are partly here to well earn some return on our investment…but for me I guess its more about the whole privacy and community and project that I love this community…so yea…the longest non-earning streak badge…aka:the precious…yes…that is my hearts desire…muhahaha… :smiling_imp:


This badge is kind of symbolic. We don’t track your earnings before we reward it, we take your word for it. In theory someone could shut off their node and not earn, or the connection to their node is not stable enough to get selected.

Therefore a reward will not be possible.

Yes Jamie you are correct and well all members should always be honest about making a claim about how long they have not earned for we are all adults and we can all act as such and therefore respect each and being that it is on the honor system that claims for this badge is awarded…well lets all just be honest and truthful and we should be fine…:)…I did not notice at one time that the nito app did report at one point when my node was not connected to the network and then saw it reconnect I believe a day later…could that input from the nito bot be used if needed to cross verify length of time that a node has actually been online or not?

Maybe, maybe not. The badge was created for fun when there was a long period of not earning. We have no intention turning this badge into something more serious. If it turns out it results in more trouble than fun, we will just remove it.

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I understand Jamie…and honestly I do not see the badge ever being a problem and actually view it as something more of fun as you stated…and please if I ever gain the badge…I do not…repeat do not care for any earnings for it…You seem to have not have gotten my point…I like this place just for this place…I am not here to first and only make a buck…I happen to believe in this place…so please stop coming across so cross it seems when questions are asked…for I have seen this as well in other posts and it does not sit well…now I imagine you mean well and are very good at what you do and all…but you seem to be a bit short on what some would call a bedside manner…just chill…now if I am in the wrong then I will be the first to apologize too you in front of this community…but I have interacted with other members here and you are first that just…well anyway…once again as to the badge I pursue in the spirit of fun and entertainment only…and as I stated I do not care nor will I ever accept any earning for attaining it…and for all you know…I might never attain it to begin with…so relax and just chill…nuff said…apology to the rest of my community for this rant.

18 days and nothing

So… I don’t want to be “that guy”, but I think I’m sitting at a 42 day non-earning streak.

Any challengers?


Not from me, I have some that are trending that way (30+ days)… I imagine with the increase in nodes running, it’s going to change hands a lot more often and the non earning streaks are going to start getting much larger than before. I think @Jamie can get you the badge if no one else challenges …


This isn’t the badge I’m looking for!


Well my pnode earned once so that broke the streak I was on…lol…foiled again…so I am building again…got a long way to go…oh well… :sunglasses:

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OUCH! 42 days has got to hurt!

Maybe you should get one of these and it would make you feel better :smiley:

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So when I check my node status on the Telegram Nito bot it says: “Waiting”. That means it’s fine, just hasn’t been chosen yet right?

Edit: and my node just moved into Pending as of 6:30’ish AM MST Sept 10th, so approximately 44 days non-earning. Let’s all hope this is never beaten.