Live Price on Main App Screen

Simple and small improvement on the app. I propose we have the price of PRV displayed on the home screen of the app. Often throughout the day I will go to the trade screen and check USDC or USDT <> PRV pairs to see the current price of PRV. I know there are websites that can give me this info but I really like everything to be in one app.

It would be nice if this could be on the home screen. Added benefit if it displayed the live price in the users native currency ($£€¥).

Below is a crappy example of what I am referring to.


I think a chart would be better in the pDEX


2 different requests above and both would be good.

Users native currency should be selectable within settings. Suggest native currencies start with the big ones, namely: USD, GBP, Euro.


I think we should stick to the real market and display prices in USDT, USDC, ETH or BTC

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Yes I agree and that’s what I meant. I should have been more clear in my original post. The amount shown would indicate PRV price compared to whatever trade pair you normally use. So if you normally trade PRV to USDC then it would show the cost of 1 PRV on your home screen at the value of trading USDC.


So issue with stablecoins - they are after all supposed to represent fiat are they not :wink:

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No one is walking away from earning a buck or two, but the project is about providing privacy to sending, receiving, storing, trading cryptocurrency. PRV is a utitlity coin, which will, no doubt, increase in value.

Putting the value in the spotlight on the Home tab will put the focus on the wrong aspect of the project.

Having the current value available, and even the history of the value is just fine but making it the main focus will send out the wrong message. imho.


@Jamie it’s a fair point, but I would argue that understanding the value of PRV is representing the value of privacy and incognito in general.

Yes, it’s the value of the coin and people can get excited to see value increase but it’s also representing the value of the platform. I don’t think it sends the “wrong” message, but I would not be opposed to instead of a ticket value having a button that takes you directly to the chart or something.


Agree - fair point @Jamie. What do users think:

  • Omit PRV price on app home page
  • Include PRV price on app home page

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Poll started 3rd May 2020.

I can’t answer the poll.

But I would include a button that takes you to the incognito price index directly on the home wallet page.

I think right now it’s not important to show the price in the home app.
I think it’s better to implement the detailed description for each operation in the app to facilitate the new user experience.

I agree @iceberg77 but I still contend that this link should be a button or better availability

Especially bc pricing / exchange rates seem different on incognito.
I.e. I had 5.2 eth, when I went to convert to PRV it would only be 1500 PRV, so I converted eth to usdc then to prv and it was closer to 1730 PRV.

So know the price / conversions is important and should be widely available. Especially when considering incognito is supposed to be a trading platform in general. Not knowing what you are getting makes using the system difficult for trading.

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@inccry is deprecating that site and will be shutting it down soon. is the new hotness!!

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ah, good to know, regardless, i think there needs to be better accessibility to the exchange rate charts etc.

This right here. If we want to provide a privacy focused trading platform then the platform itself needs improvement.


@Jared @raz I like both ideas

Maybe we should have the function to see PRV chart directly from the app instead of using


Agree, it would be better if we can have the notification update about the price, ex PRV increase 10% or sth like that

Joker, have you use Binance, Binance push notification everyday to let user know what happened on the market ? PRV can do the same


Agree, we need more important information instead of the notification just show earning most of the time

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