Live preview of earnings in Stake PRV page

It would be great if the Stake PRV page shows the ammount of PRV you have earned ever since you staked.
By now, it shows a live preview of how your stake is growing every millisecond or so, but if I want to know how much I have earned, this is what I need to do:

  1. Open the activity tab.
  2. Add up all deposits.
  3. Subtract the summed up deposits to the actual stake.

To expand on this it would be great to also get this feature added to the liquidity live screen as well.


But the liquidity live is already showing only the returns, isn’t it? I mean, it shows Your returns, which is only what you are supposed to get, but it’s not combined with your inputs. This is exactly what I want for the Stake PRV view, to show you also the total returns since you staked.


I believe the liquidity live view will reset on Monday when they do the payouts. I think @andrey can chime in on this to clarify.

I see what you’re saying @J053 you want to see the amount you’ve made without seeing your your deposit amounts included. I’m looking to see more of a continuous long term amount made in both screens. Kind of a running total if you will of profit in PRV.


Yep, the pDEX liquidity will start proper calculation on Monday. Also several new product updates coming to the liquidity this month.


Where can we read about these new product updates at?

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I think they will post the news here.