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Hey guys, we are having a discussion on coingecko right now and they say it’s “manpower” needed to get listed. Please join the discussion on telegram to support PRV!

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That’s great! Thank you everyone! :muscle:


Sorry is 3:30 am here in LA…and just woke up to see the postings here…congrats to all for what has been taking place for the last couple of hours…you guys are awesome…:sunglasses:

Hey guys, thanks for your support, we must stop now on telegram, Andrew handed in the form and now its waiting time. If not we’re “shilling” the coin :wink: Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


Damn, I just read this. I was ready to shill really hard :joy:
But if we get listed on CoinGecko, we will probably get listed on all of the other coin sites.


I just tried to join the chat and was insta-banned because I spammed so many other groups with the “how to lower gas fees using incognito” post :rofl:

But seriously I want to get into the group to show my support for PRV. Does anyone know how I can get unbanned?

Did they say how long the listing usually takes?

No, they basically told us to be quiet now that the form has been submitted (which was done for the 3rd time now). Now we wait haha. :beers:

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It’s such bull$#!t that these obvious scam food tokens get listed after a week of history with no audits. Meanwhile the legit groundbreakers are waiting for months.


Unfortunately true… Yesterday I asked in the group if there’s any news about the listing already, they just said the status of the request must be asked per e-mail.

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How is coingecko even supposed to list our coin? There is no 3rd party price data to fetch. Even price feeds internal to our community show different pricing (pdex displays a different from incscan.)

I want listed just as much as everyone else but if you think about the listing from their perspective, how would they even list our coin? PRV exists in our own incognito vacuum at the moment.

I asked for a listing on Blockfolio a few months ago and they said there is 3rd party price feed to pull from. They recommended listing the coin on a couple exchanges first.

Incscan is the most accurate place we have for price data.

Here is the api call to pull the price data, it would prob be beneficial to send them this information.
When you go to the site, it lists marketcap, and PRV price.

So we can actually get PRV listed on CoinMarket Cap pretty easy.

  1. Leverage cryptography, consensus algorithms or distributed ledgers, peer-to-peer technology and/or smart contracts to function as a store of value, medium of exchange, unit of account, or decentralized application.
  2. Must have a functional website and block explorer.
  3. Must be traded publicly, and actively traded on at least one (1) exchange (with material volume) that has tracked listing status CoinMarketCap.
  4. Provide a representative from the project with whom we can establish open lines of communication for any clarifications.

Incognito is already listed as an exchange on their platform, so PRV technically fills in all the checks and can be added. However the problem is that Incognito Exchange is not a “Tracked Listing”. The next step would be to change it to a Tracked Listing. Requirements for this are as follows:

  1. A functional website with trading volume that matches its API data.
  2. Must publish a summary API endpoint that exposes the last price and 24h volume of each cryptoasset.
    See sample of an ideal API endpoints. Exchanges must include a variable for ‘type’ of market to help us distinguish derivatives (e.g. perpetual swaps, options, physically-delivered futures) from spot markets.
  3. Must be in operation for at least sixty days (The number of days that affiliated exchanges/projects of the same name have been in operation counts towards this requirement).
  4. Must allow traders to place buy and sell orders on an orderbook. DEXes with no orderbook data will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Must allow users to view all market pairs/order books without the need to log-in to the website.
  6. Must have direct URLs that display each asset unambiguously ( full asset name and/or logo), preferably with a ‘System Status’ page that shows all listed assets.
  7. Must be able to provide a representative from the exchange with whom we can establish open lines of communication for any clarifications.
  8. Requests originating from emails that share the domain of the exchange will be prioritized.

I believe if we get a web exchange up and running it would be super simple to get listed. The fact that we don’t have that makes it more difficult.


I’m utterly amazed by the in depth reply of this post!! @Revolve


I can’t believe that they list a token like UNI overnight but we’re still waiting months. Not saying Uniswap doesn’t deserve listing but what gives?

Edit: (Really?! I can’t even say W T F?! Come on guys :roll_eyes: :rofl:)

I’ve already shill PRV in coingecko telegram group, hope them list PRV soon


After the addition of PRV to the Vitex exchange, I believe we have the prerequisites required to get PRV added to CoinMarketcap and CoinGecko. I think we should make another push to get this started.



I would do it myself, but I don’t have all the information


Is there a benefit to waiting some days or weeks until we have some volume?

I want this listed so badly but I’m also wondering if it will automatically be picked up at some point. I’d also like to add Blockfolio to this.

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It would definitely be beneficial to have more volume, but I assume that it takes some time to go through all the requests. By the time they go through ours, hopefully we should have enough volume. As for blockfolio, I think that will come easy after we get PRV on one of the coin sites.

Some of the request forms require you to explain the coin, and I don’t feel comfortable writing a description on behalf of Incognito. I rather have someone more in charge of branding and what not deal with the details.

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Does anyone know when PRV will be list on Coingecko ?


On Blockfolio it’s listed for some time already :slightly_smiling_face:

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