List incognito on crypto tracker sites like cmc?

Is it possible for incognito prv to be listed on sites that track coin prices like.


Afaik, the team has contacted with CMC. They are waiting for the response.


We currently don’t have live data of circulating supply (don’t know why) and that’s a requriement for these sites for sure. Also Incognito is not listed on any major exchanges yet.

This bothered me for a while too, because coinmarketcap is important imo for wider adoption in the crypto word.

The core team focuses more on the privacy community atm, and I think its a good strategy, Incognito is a privacy movement first.


I thought this is live data?

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It is, but no circulating supply displayed

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Ahhh gotcha! Thanks!

Cmc evaluating us, it could take for couple of months.

For the coingecko there is only one requirements left - to have a web version of pdex.
Somehow they are not satisfied with mobile dex.

I am pretty sure if our community start asking them frequently about incognito it could help)


I agree a niche product with a clear plan and goal is the way to go. Start with a great product that the average Joe might not know they need or want until it gets a strong following. It helps that there is less trust in gov, media, and other people I.e hackers etc.


Any update on this? I can’t wait for CMC or CoinGecko listing as so many eyes will see it and it will legitimize it in the eyes of some, even tho I know there a lot of scams on there already :rocket:


Hey. So in order to get listed on coinmarketcap there are a few things that they require, Apart from all the documentation and api links, one of the things they ask for is for the token to be listed on at least 2 different exchanges.

I dont really know how it would work considering that Incognito has its own token (PRV) and is also a DEX. So there should be 2 listings i believe.

As you can see here:

The exchange is already listed under Untracked listing which i bellieve means that they need some additional info in order to be able to be a fully tracked listing but i am not completely sure, let me look into it a bit :slight_smile:

Just stumbled upon this:

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Well it seems as though we meet the criteria from what I can gather however I’m not sure either how the exchange listing works since it’s traded on it’s own dex. I am curious if any other exchanges are in the workings for listing PRV? That would also be great for exposure, but I do kinda like the fact that it being only on the dex that the price movements are so smooth. Hey @andrey are you in talks with any exchanges for listings?

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yep, we met all criteria, but they says that they will decide when to add us and can’t give any timelines : )


Cool. Will they let you know ahead of time? It would be great to have a heads up when it’s about to happen :+1:t2:

I just keep follow up once per month. Let see how long it takes )


Any developments on this front?

Same as before. Keep pushing.

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I’m hoping to get a few paychecks in before listing so no rush :wink:

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Any updates on cmc listing?
Any new exchanges we can be on?

I see secret network is on binance and cmc and several others and I’m jealous

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