Liquidity for unverified ERC-20s

If I have only unverified coins with low/no liquidity on pDEX, what is the recommended approach to acquiring PRV? Just add funds using a token with adequate liquidity? Or is there some clever workaround for swapping some of these coins into PRV

You can use Get PRV community faucet to acquire some PRV to cover your transactions and trades.


Yeah, I saw that! My question is more about trades for tokens with little to no liquidity on pDEX.

Im kinda stuck right now because I’ve got a token in incognito that doesn’t have any pairs on pDEX. I’d like to convert it to a more common currency and send to another address but I can’t do that b/c no pairs

I read somewhere that uniswap liquidity was available on pDEX but I’m not sure how to access it

pDEX shows which pool it will use for the trade, below the trade details. If there’s a liquidity pool for the pair you’re looking for on Uniswap, you’ll see it there.

Alternatively, you can create a pool yourself by listing a pair or you can trade OTC with a trusted member on the forum.

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What version of uniswap does it check / what about tokens where uniswap has a liquidity pool but you need to import from a token list?

I just checked uniswap and there are pools for ETH/myToken on V1, v2, and v3 but you do have to import the address from a token list.

Maybe that’s why it’s not showing up in Incognito?