Liquidity Contribution Error

Anyone having trouble adding liquidity to an existing pool right now? I do this fairly regularly (and did just a few hours ago), but I’ve been getting this error “undefined us not a function (undefined)” for the last hour.

Is this a specific pool? Please provide a screenshot if possible.

I didn’t realize it was pool specific, because I had contributed to this one and others already today… but it may be, as I was just able to contribute to a different one.

Well, I kept trying things and now it works - don’t know if it’s a coincidence or you guys fixed something on your end. But I restarted my phone (didn’t help), Cleared cached balance (didn’t help), Cleared history (didn’t help), went into Android settings - Apps - Incognito - Force Stop - Clear Cache, Clear Data, went back into the app - restored my wallet by key phrase and tried again… it now allowed me to add liquidity to the pool above which I was unable to earlier.

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