Limit sale question

I am attempting to sell Eth (unified) for prv. There are plenty of assets in the eth/prv pool. My limit price was for 3842.95 prv where the going rate is 3842.97. Only 0.02 of the order has been filled. I would have thought the order would fill quickly given this fact that my order was cheaper than the going rate. Could someone explain how this works please. Thank you.

Limited orders require someone on the other side to match the order.

To have the quickest trade it is suggested you use the Swap tab.

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So does that have to be done manually by looking through open orders? In other words, does only the swap use the pools?

Swap uses both pools and limit orders to obtain the best price. He means that limit orders cannot be used as “taker” orders by “anybody”. So your order can be filled if someone uses Swap and your order gives better price than AMM does.

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