Letter to PRV Holders (May 2020)

Hey PRV holders:

Incognito has been on the mainnet for a full 7 months now, and we’re glad to report that growth shows no signs of slowing. Increasingly, Incognito is becoming the default privacy solution for many similarly minded folks.

Many of you follow the day to day here on incognito.org, but here’s a broader look at a very busy May.

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As usual, let’s start with our 2 key metrics.

Monthly shield volume: $1.88M

Shielding is when a public coin is deposited into Incognito to be anonymized. $1.88M of crypto in 92 different currencies entered the Incognito ecosystem in May. This is perhaps the most significant metric – it indicates that increasingly, people are beginning to choose incognito mode for their crypto.

Our total shield volume to date is $5.36M. Here’s a broader look at Incognito’s progress, starting from mainnet launch in Nov 2019.


Validator ecosystem:

This month, we aimed to add 400 Nodes to the Incognito network. We surpassed that goal by 26%. A warm welcome to each and every one of the 504 new Incognito Nodes! As of today, there 1,737 Nodes powering the Incognito network (+30% month-on-month growth).

In addition, many Nodes devices were purchased in the middle of this month. The first batch has been shipped, and the next is scheduled for mid June. When all these Nodes come online, the total number will be 1853.


Incognito DEX volume

pDEX is the first and only way to buy and sell crypto privately. The core dev team built pDEX because we wanted everyone to have a safer way to participate in this new economy. pDEX has been growing steadily, so we set a fairly ambitious goal – $600,000 monthly volume in May (+30% month-on-month growth).

It seems, however, that pDEX is growing 200% faster than we hoped. We saw $1.2M in trading volume in May, a fresh new interface, and a much more streamlined user experience. In June and in months to come, we’ll continue to improve it.


May highlights

In addition to the metrics above, the team invested significant time and resources in building strong foundations for longer term growth – and so did the community. Here’s a quick look at what’s been built, and what’s in the works.

Explorer: @inccry’s Network Explorer is now, for many of us, the project’s home page. Requests for new features are open here.

Interoperability: Incognito mode for smart contracts will launch this week with pKyber. Hello privacy for DeFi! In addition, Portal v2 will ship on the mainnet soon. 85% of testcases have been completed.

Consensus: Zero bugs so far for BFT 1. Testing will now commence for BFT 2.

Network: Full speed ahead for the Dynamic Committee Size and NAT traversal solution proposals – both of which will make Incognito more flexible, adaptable and resilient.

June development

In June, the core dev team will focus on version 2s of all foundational products. Starting with the new pDEX that launched in the last week of May, we plan to release an improved app, a smoother Node set up, a more flexible and interoperable network, and of course – better QC and CX to both reduce errors and fix bugs more quickly.

Generate strong utility

Increase pDEX liquidity pools by 900K
Privacy for DeFi starting with pKyber

Build a strong layer-2 core

Produce 500 perfect Node devices
Release Node Tree prototype
Improve incognito app experience

Build a strong layer-1 core

Improve Node performance and sync times
Ship Portal v2 on mainnet
Deploy Confidential Assets on devnet
Integrate Privacy v2 with Portal and pDEX


New smart contract interaction flow
Trustless bridge with Ethereum bond contract

PRV Holder Monthly Call

The Incognito Core Team will host a webinar to discuss May results, June goals, and any questions you might have.

Date: June 3, 11am EST
Location: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86551620328

Join us! Post your questions in advance here.

Have a great June ahead. See you around at incognito.org.

The Incognito Core Team


Impressive! Great work by everyone, let’s keep it rolling.

Looking forward to the call!

Made another incognito shirt for a fellow enthusiast!

Used a different font than @Jamie but thanks for the design! Also opposite colors, white circle instead of black, but hey, technically white is the absence of color, so a white circle is even more nothingness haha :man_shrugging:


Cool WORK!


How can I buy it? @Joe_Moffett


@cool if you want one just send me a message!

I have some other examples in other threads, but basically just let me know in a message what kind of design you’d like, shirt size, color, and your address. I’ll go back and forth with different styles if you want anything specific.

If you’re in the states I can do it including shipping for like 20 prv. If outside the states, i’ll have to see the price of shipping.

I can do some other stuff like whiskey glasses, decals, and hats. Just let me know!


Hey @Joe_Moffett do you want to make a t-shirt giveaway during the PRV holders call ?

Could be the best place to promote your swags :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good idea to me! Any thoughts of how to do it? Random selection?

perhaps all attendees names/handles/email address, go in a hat so to speak and drawn randomly? No idea how many shirts may be used for give away, but this a pretty simple way to pull it off.

Just take a 5 min of the call and ask interesting question about Incognito. And the person who answer first and correct get the prize :slight_smile:


Cool swag, @Joe_Moffett!


Good job!!!
Many thanks to all developers, Chinese community members said you all deserve big chicken legs for hard work.



Very cool swag…:sunglasses:

To the entire community I wish to apologize for having missed the meeting…was my birthday for starters…but the issue that kept me was rioting and looting issue here in Los Angeles…I am ok but things were hairy there and only started calming down last night…on the bright side my node earned some coin for my birthday!!!..I was so jazzed…thank you incognito…the rewards have already been restaked into the pool…:slightly_smiling_face:…If one of the admins could reach out to me when one of them has a chance it seems that one transaction of prv I was attempting to stake is stuck in transition and it needs to be straightened out…well hopefully I will be present at next month live meeting…thank you once again to the community…:sunglasses:

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anywhere we can buy this shirts ?

@ben sorry i didn’t see this, I can make you one if you’d like just send me a message.

I’ve been MIA for the last couple weeks because work has kept me away from my real passion of incognito :slight_smile: