Let's try to convince other projects to launch on the pDex.

Ok so we all are aware that the current state of ethereum is practically bricked and we need to get people to use side chains like Inc. to bring liquidity to their tokens. So Here’s an idea. Let’s start getting platforms currently getting ready to launch their token on uniswap to consider launching a portion of their tokens on the pdex.

Take for example Tixl is a project very similar to Inc. and they are currently a BEP2 token and getting ready to launch a new token on Ethereum to take advantage of the uniswap hype and I thought it would be a good idea for us to go over to twitter and convince them to launch their ERC20 on incognito and provide liquidity to the PRV pair so that they aren’t plagued by the high gas fees. This would be an amazing way to bring awareness and adoption of our beloved platform. Maybe they would be willing to airdrop us PRV holders if we make enough noise and provide it as liquidity to the dex.

What do you guys think? I know they are a sort of competitor but we could be stronger as partners.


Hi @Brakley if you like you can join @incognitorebels and @incognitorebelschannel and we can speak about marketing and spreading incognito chain.