Let the app users decide to disable screenshots of the incognito app


During this age of malware and the the failure of google and others to detect these early on, i am looking for an option in the app to disable the android system/ and other malware on the phone to silently peek on the incognito app’s screen and take screenshots.
This options becomes all the way more important, when you have staked nodes, which involves lots of money.

The examples of this option is from apps like signal and others, where there is a toggle which if enabled stops, the android’s app overview and screenshot taking apps to fail in capturing the actual content of the app in the foreground.

I would be really happy to get this option in the app.



That’s an excellent idea, one more thing we can do to improve privacy.
@duc, What do you think? I think we should definitely add @krauq’s idea to our todo list!