KNOWN_ERROR(-61) when removing liquidity



Why I can’t see my stake now? The images are from today. I took the first one to show my friends how cool it was, but now I come and I see nothing.

Hey I also see mine fluctuates like 5 prv but then I have more btc

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But I don’t have anything! I have loose all my BTC and ETH suddenly!

OK, so I cheeked my backup keys and I was able to add the old pDEX, which was holding the pool liquidity. I don’t know how or why it was deleted, but now it’s solved.


Glad to hear it worked out

Good job storing your private keys.
On reinstall, the app will generate new accounts, with new keys, for Account 0, pDEX, pDEXWithdraw, and pStake.

Information on Keys
Information the autogenerated accounts

I have an error when I try to remove the liquidit: We seem to have hit a snag. Please initiate the trade again. (KNOWN_ERROR(-61))

Will check with the dev to get the code clarified.

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It is related to insufficient funds to pay for the network fee involved with removing the liquidity.

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Thanks, it worked when I moved some PRV to muy account.