Keep loosing Cryptos when I send BTC, ETh, Monero

I lost $560 in ETH on May 27 that looks like I’ll never recover. Today I transfer about $15.00 worth of BTC to test and then transfer a larger amount. The transaction shows as expired. I hit retry to a few times to see if I can get it to appear but nothing. At this point I think I’m takimg my lost an opting out of incognito. Is there a way to sell back the node?
Now I’m trying to withdraw monero to an external wallet and it says the Monero address is not valid. How can it not be valid when I just copied and paste it. Huh!!
I think i’m done with losing.


The reason the external Monero wallet is not valid is because your trying to send instead of unshield. When you click send, it thinks your trying to send pXMR to another Incognito wallet. Alternatively when you click unshield, you are sending to an external wallet. The unshield button is located in the wallet overview, and not inside a particular coin.

Incognito shield address only last for one hour, and are only for one transaction. If you try to send multiple transactions to the same address you will take an L. Administrators can help you recover those lost funds, but you shouldn’t be sending multiple transactions to a temporary address anyways.

As for the $560 ETH you lost on May 27, what happened exactly? It may be possible to recover said funds. Did you make sure you to check all your wallets? If you have screenshots and the transaction ID’s it should be no problem to recover them.


I’m sure they will help you just like they did for me. Just retrace your steps in the app history and screenshot of the address you were sending multiple times to. I had to learn the hard way too. It clearly says send only once. Welcome to the club :sob::woozy_face:


Looks like I was trying to send using shield as oppose to unshield thanks for clarifying that. Ibwas under the impression it was the opposite. Thank you I really appreciate it.
As far the TransID for the lost $560 I do have it and able to see it on but that’s about all I can do. I sent to the same address since I always send a small about first to make sure it is received but I guess that’s fault- beginner’s luck.
Any ideas how I can use the use the transactionID to recover those funds?


When you go to your wallet and click on the ETH, it should show a list of your transactions. Since you sent a small amount first, we know that transaction succeeded (otherwise you wouldn’t have sent a larger amount). If you click on that small deposit transaction, it should show you the “InChain TxID” the “OutChain TxID” and the address it was sent to. At the bottom, it should show you the shielding address as well. If you check those address you should be able to track your extra transaction on Etherscan. It should still be in one of the address’s as It wasn’t given to anyone. If you send someone like @Peter all this information, I’m sure he will be able to give you your money back.


Thank you again for all your insight. Really helpful information. I want to see if I can do this on my own since I think this was more of my own fault and not incognito. Again, thank you so much foe your help. :blush:


I can’t make any more explanations than @Revolve did :+1:
Actually, I am still waiting for your response to the ETH issue @Will_Roll


Haha, I hope you feel more comfortable with the tx history now @Joshua_Dukes :joy:


I some times take the rough roads to finally learn something.Lol


Hi Peter, Here are those two screenshots for the May 27 transactions. Hope this helps. Thank you!
Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide.

Hi, you are using 1 device only, right?

Upon checking those screenshots, I see that:
1/ The shielding address of 29 May: 0x7521a4A72…236393cE
2/ The shielding address of 27 May: 0x483d205d…34ab2C7914

Try to scroll up and down, or check all the accounts you have (Account 0, pDEX, pDEXWithdraw, etc…) Do you have any other screenshots? It’s status may be “Complete”, “Expired”, etc… but the Shield address must be: 0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880

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Correction, this was never resolved. Still outstanding. ETH hasn’t been recovered.

Firstly, there are two amounts of your deposits:

Link: ETH deposit has not arrived

1/ 0.046322895293412 ETH

This is successful on May 27, 2020
Shielding address: 0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880
Incognito wallet: 12Rsq6v9ziMg8ySpKRnFswiEHA8UnJLamBDTDALTQsxU7SpheDkYHDaRfaLp4yRiZnnoZueQxoQRAF4R4JD7PrP6oqKGdXK13EyTvDj

2/ 2.76 ETH

If you sent this amount to the above address: 0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880, it will be stuck because each temporary address can just be used one time.

Secondly, we will support to manually credit this amount to your Incognito wallet. You need to provide the screenshot of the successful shielding request - 0.046322895293412 ETH on your app.

It will help to verify that:
a/ You created a shielding/ deposit request with this address: 0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880
b/ You sent 0.046322895293412 ETH to this address: 0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880
c/ It was successful
d/ Because the previous deposit was successful, so you sent 2.76 ETH to this address again [0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880] instead of creating a new temporary address
e/ It is stuck

So, we can know that you are the right person to receive the stuck amount. Now, @Will_Roll please open the Incognito wallet app, search for all the Incognito wallets/ accounts that you have, locate the successful deposit on May 27 with this amount: 0.046322895293412 ETH and give me that screenshot.

Thanks @Dog for giving a hand in other conversations.


Hi @Will_Roll
I believe the above resolution should get you your coins back!
Even I’m new here, newer than you also :wink:
But this should be a win win now!
If you still feel like throwing your pNode away, you can always sell it to me! (Check Marketplace)