Just set up my physical node, help with staking

Hi I just received my physical node and have begun un staking my virtual nodes PRV, my new physical node is showing as waiting and I can’t see how to stake?
I’m probably being stupid but any helps great lol



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Hey there @Bazz_Jeffries Are you looking to unstake your vNode and use that stake on your new pNode?

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Hi yes that’s correct - didn’t realise it would have a loaned amount - so I unstake them both then I should be able to stake when my virtual node comes back and the pnode goes back to wherever it belongs lol

Unstaking can take a bit of time to happen, since it is a manual process that has to be carried out on our end, once you begin the unstaking request for a pNode, we receive the request and after the request is approved the actual unstaking process will begin. Once your node is fully unstaked you will see the option to stake it with your own PRV.

You can check the post @zes333 mentioned, which gives you step by step instructions on how to carry through this process in case you are unfamiliar.

Do keep us updated.

Hope that helps.