[June - July 2022] Expand the Validator network

Hey there! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

As you know, transactions on Incognito blockchain are validated by a large network of worldwide validators. Our approach is that instead of having some limited groups of a few big validators, we’d prefer a network of small validators around the world.

With the recent reduction of fixed node dominance, community validators now have more chances to join in the committe to validate transactions and earn block rewards. Also, the incentive to contribute in the committee is also higher than before.

Starting June - July 2022, we will focus on expanding the validators network with the detailed information stated below. We hope that by increasing the number of total validators, not only the decentralized characteristic of Incognito would be enhanced, but also the demand for PRV would be increased.

:bow_and_arrow: Target

Grow 40% validators to: 3,509 validators.

Current stats: 2,507 validators.

Follow real-time stats: explorer.incognito.org.

:people_holding_hands: Target validators

New users somewhere out there --> Buy PRV on exchange --> Stake Node (1,750 PRV/each).

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Duration

This campaign is planned to execute in the duration of June - Mid-July 2022.

:construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_woman: Resources

Growth team members: @Jayce_Nguyen @Khanh @david248 @Jared and me @Ducky :raising_hand_woman:

:bulb: Initiatives

To help new users out there easily find out about the Incognito project and stake PRV to become validators, here are some activities that the Growth team will do:

Initiatives Proposal Handle
PR: Get Incognito’s staking reviewed on mainstream media. [Proposal] Boost Validator Network via PR @Jayce_17969 @Khanh
Listing: Get Incognito’s staking listed on Masternode & Staking Service sites. [Proposal] Incognito Market Listing Integrations @david248
New landing page on the main website: Earnings. @Ducky
On-boarding new users: Introductory video. [Proposal] Introductory to Incognito Video @Jared

If you have any questions or simply want to give your ideas related to any of the above activities, please feel free to leave a comment in the respective proposal.

:loudspeaker: Need Community support?

Of course, yes!

I believe many of you are validators of a variety of blockchain networks. If you are already in or happen to know any staking community group, please help us to spread the word about Incognito staking. That means a lot!

Thank you, everyone!


Still need people to host validators?

Always :laughing:

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Cool I’m a little new but have been getting into hosting nodes and Vals a little bit. I’ll have to check out the specs and such a little later on