June builder rewards - who's in?

Hey, next week we’ll be opening up voting for currently active products. All community members who are TL2 or TL3 on June 24th will have voting coins sent to the Incognito payment address in their profile. More information on how to vote coming soon!

As usual, if you haven’t added your incognito payment address to your profile – please do so!

June products

I’ll be adding these products to the vote category:

  1. @raz’s community website
  2. @raz’s node monitor
  3. @inccry’s network explorer
  4. @josh_hamon’s node notification bot
  5. @mesquka’s ecosystem tools
  6. @Joe_Moffett’s swag
  7. @hungngo’s voting app
  8. @altair’s faucet

If i am missing any projects, please let me know here.

There also some projects currently in development, such as @taind’s web wallet, @inccry’s web pDEX, @gold’s incognito debit card, and @osarrouy’s CLI wallet. If anyone has something ready for the community to try out before voting opens (latest June 24th), please post it before then, and tag me (@aaron) to have it added to this list.


This week, I’ll be creating a short topic for each product. Each topic will link to the creator’s original product topic, and include the product URL if any. Creators are free to further support their entry by posting additional information as a reply to the topic. Also, feel free to PM me if you want to amend any info.

Voting will commence on June 25th, and will run till June 30th. Results will be announced and rewards distributed on July 1st.

Looking forward to it! :rocket:


What are TJ2 and TL3? Just haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere!


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Trust level 2 and trust level 3 :smiley:

You earn statuses like “Member” (Level 2) and “Regular” (Level 3) for participating a certain amount and for certain lengths of time here on the site. They qualify you as a trusted member of the community and grant you access to certain site functions.

More info here: Incognito.org trust levels


Great, I like that we get to vote on things like this! How are voting coins distributed? Does every Level 2 or 3 member get the same amount of voting coins, or is it distributed based on something else?


Thanks Aaron, easy when you think about it! :+1:


Coins are distributed using the Incognito address in your profile on this site. TL3 gets more votes than TL2.


Can’t wait! Great projects to support all over!


That’s interesting, @aaron I just got some June Vote today.