July vote: who's the best?

July 22nd Update

Thanks everyone for voting! And congratulations to our July honorees:

:rocket: Teacher: @Mike_wagner for always giving the most helpful, informative answers. Thanks sensei! :pray:

:rocket: Good neighbor: @sid and @chucky for always popping up swiftly whenever someone needs help, and being super caring supporters. We are happy to have you guys here!!! :heart:

:rocket: Builder: @josh_Hamon for building a super helpful Telegram bot. You’re the best! :muscle:

:rocket: Inspired: @Jerry_Watson and @InvestForFamily for their creativity, ideas, and for motivating people to jump on the Incognito train and share their thoughts. :black_circle:

These special badges have been granted. Honorees, you’ll receive your rewards along with the payout tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone for being awesome, casting your votes, and for helping to strengthen the Incognito community!

See you guys next month! :raised_hands:

Expand for the July nominations post

:drum: It’s time!

As some of you know, we periodically host nominations for the following special badges:

These badges are our small way of thanking those who contribute the most to the project. Incognito is its people. So – what do the people say?

In your opinion…

:rocket: Who is the best Teacher?
Who is insightful, and always willing to share their knowledge?

:rocket: Who is a Good Neighbor?
Who makes sure you feel at home, and feel heard?

:rocket: Who is an awesome Builder?
Who creates useful, beautiful, kickass products?

:rocket: And of course, who has Inspired you the most?

Just post your nomination by replying directly to this topic. Easy as that!

Results will be announced on Wednesday 22 July, and rewards for these special badges will be distributed along with the usual Thursday rewards payout.


Teacher - @khanhj for great posts re: team efforts on next version Incognito tech
Good Neighbor - @sid for welcoming and assisting new users
Builder - @Josh_Hamon for building the Telegram bot Nito to track Node status
Inspired - @Jerry_Watson for inspiring the forthcoming announcement board in the app


Teacher? Hm… I feel like @Gold, @Revolve, @doc, and more should be in the running for that or something if they haven’t already been selected before, oh! @Mike_Despo and of course @Mike_Wagner…there are more just on the tip of my tongue! :face_with_monocle: I don’t envy the person (people) making the choices for any of these spots!


Hm unfortunately I know the community to little to cast a nomination for a single category :see_no_evil:

I wonder how to “join” the community…
Like suppose I’m a dev (which I’m not) and want to contribute to the project, how could I get in contact with you guys? Only here via forum? Seems somewhat odd to me. No fluent conversation possible imo 🤷‍♂

For the good neighbor I actually want to nominate @Chucky from support. Don’t know if he gets paid from the pool, but surely not a full salary?
However I find him to be a full hearted listener and super caring support member :grinning:

I haven’t dived fully into your project, because I simply don’t have enough time :neutral_face: but I love following and seeing the progress and I’m spreading the word wherever and whenever I feel it’s right :pray:

Privacy to the world! :v:


From being on the forums a lot,
@Mike_Despo, @Gold, @Josh_Hamon
are all people I see trying to help out the community all the time.

I could list tons of more people who are always active on the forums making Incognito the best it can be, but I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Here would be my nominations:
Teacher - Not quite sure yet (Will be updated)
Good Neighbor - @Gold, @Mike_Wagner
Builder - @Josh_Hamon, @hungngo
Inspired - @Jerry_Watson, @Mike_Despo


Good neighbor - @zes333 @Chucky
Builder @hungngo
Inspired - @InvestForFamily
Teacher - @Revolve


The community, is everyone, the investors, the users, the team. To join the community you just join the forum.

Every developer can decide to create something build for the Incognito Community and or on the Incognito chain. It is all open sourced you do not need permission or to be a member of the core team to use the code.

If you would like a job at Incognito, or work on something together with the devs, it will be enough to reach out here on the platform, publicly or in DM to @andrey.


Teacher - @mike_wagner
Inspired - @InvestForFamily , @jerry_watson
Good neighbor - @sid, @Chucky
Builder - @josh_hamon, @inccry



Continuing the discussion from July vote: who's the best?:

Good neighbor and inspired should go to @Jerry_Watson he’s helped me out a lot.


I got to go with this group, hands down top notch:

Teacher - @mike_wagner - always answering questions without an attitude.

Inspired - @InvestForFamily - Have you SEEN this persons mass amount of marketing material they created!

Good neighbor - @revolve - Constantly helping people when things go down.

Builder - @josh_hamon his telegram node bot is awesome. LOVE seeing a new notification popup (making money!)


The above are posted assuming we aren’t able to vote for team members like @Ducky , @Peter @Jamie @ning and the many others that are always helping. You guys should always get a kudos!


Not a full card but

Teacher - @mike_wagner - always answering questions without an attitude.

Good neighbor - @Mike_Wagner - That’s right, he’s a gentleman and a scholar.

Builder - @inccry

  • @Clint makes an excellent point! I’m not sure we both know and understand the value the core team brings to the project. For my own two cents are we allowed to vote for them? @Jamie and @Chucky are great teachers, @andrey is clearly inspired, don’t get me started on @Ducky or @ning!

Hey @Clint @Josh_Hamon, actually you guys can cast your votes for whoever you want :slight_smile: it’s your freedom at all! However, we encourage you to vote for community members. :wink:


I have dealt with @Ducky several times now and i’ve heard from @andrey
I have to say Ducky has been fantastic with support, other than these two, i really don’t know anyone else…

good luck to all !


haha, thank you ! Hope that bugs would not ‘visit’ you anymore :joy:

However, welcome onboard! There are many cool friends here. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I’m putting in my vote for @Josh_Hamon for builder


Teacher - @mike_wagner @andrey
Inspired - @inccry
Good neighbor - @Chucky @aaron
Builder - @raz


Teacher - @mike_wagner
Inspired - @inccry


I’d like to nominate @sid as a good neighbor. He pops up when people need help or information.


Good luck!! I’ve been a little MIA this month sadly bc my job sucks and I still need to make money :cry: but from what I’ve seen, I mostly agree with @ning !

Teacher - @mike_wagner
Inspired - @InvestForFamily , @jerry_watson
Good neighbor - @raz
Builder - @josh_hamon, @inccry