Josh_Hamon - Nito - a Telegram Bot for push notifications

Hi @anon87021727, Sorry, I don’t understand the question. There’s also a FAQ in the original post.


What is work telegram incognito bot?


Ok I will check FAQ.


As of a few minutes ago:

Nito is now watching 10% of the validators! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Wow! I am awed to be able to chip in to the project this way. :pray:


Congrats, that’s an amazing accomplishment!


\o/ congrats @Josh_Hamon! Great work. Long live Nito!


/price is live

/price will return the price as shown on


Voting is here!

Please take time to vote for your favorite product!

(Yep I’m still working on getting PRV to show up as well as node status, I should be able to complete by the end of the month, though maybe not much sooner.)


/status has a minor update

/status will now tell you which vNodes have PRV on them


  • Doesn’t work for pNodes
  • Isn’t part of push notifications (yet)
  • In beta some users have sometimes seen very long run times.

Push now includes PRV!

… well some of the time

:laughing: :crazy_face:

What does that mean?

Most of the time, when your node goes from Earning to Waiting, Nito will correctly report the amount of PRV on your vNode. Due to the inelegant way I’m polling, sometimes Nito polls because the update has happened on the chain.

Adding PRV into notifications has caused me to hit service limits on the # of API calls per month I can make. So while I do plan to create a more robust and flexible notification system* I have to take care of some tech debt and switch platforms so my API call limit goes away. This will great increase the speed of Nito as well. I have updated my roadmap in the OP to reflect this plan.

In the meantime, I hope this is helpful
… some of the time. :wink:

NOTE: Still doesn’t include pNodes

* Robust and flexible notifications: Some users want a notification every time their PRV changes, some just at the end of the cycle. I plan to give users the choice based on their preferences.


Excellent work on this bot. The /status feature is awesome. However, sometimes it will run 20 times in a row before stopping. Anyone else experiencing this bug?

Can you DM me some screen shots if its happened recently?

That would be a lot of screenshots. It’s just the same thing over and over again. It’s like this:

I type /status, and then:

I have found # of nodes, one moment please.
Here’s what I found:
(All nodes listed)

This same thing is repeated. This last time was 26 times before it stopped. Not the end of the world, still worth the value of the tool.

I went to give it a try and yep, I’m now in a similar loop. I’ll have to go digging because I’m seeing in the logs /status being sent, and then sent again two minutes later and again.

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I had the same issue when hosting a bot in AWS and tried to load Firebase. What I did was stop using AWS.

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I made a change that shouldn’t have fixed it, but now I can’t reproduce it.

Sorry to inform you…it’s still doing it😁

:thinking: Let me message you

Awesome stuff @Josh_Hamon , I just added my vNode to Nito Bot. This is so cool :slight_smile: :smile:
Add /network
to provide information on how many pNodes and vNodes are being monitored as a percentage of Total number of pNodes and vNodes. This will provide the community with some sense on the Incognito Network’s node growth.

“Number of pNodes monitored by me = 630 (35% of Total)”
“Number of vNodes monitored by me = 780 (22% of Total)”

Then in addition, perhaps show some data on growth rate.
For Example:-

“vNodes added last: 7 days=10 , 1 mth=38, 6 mths=155”
“pNodes added last: 7 days=3 , 1 mth=22, 6 mths=102”

Just an idea, what do you think?

Do others feel this information coming from Nito would be useful?


Sorry for the slow response, I had been thinking about /network for sure. Currently I’m focused on un-fun under the hood work but look forward to getting back to features, probably around October.

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