Join us for the September PRV Holders Call

Hi all,

Time flies fast and we’re already approaching the September PRV Holders Call. As usual, we will cover the following topics:

  • Achievements in August
  • Our goals for September
  • Q&A
  • Brainstorming new innovations and initiatives

Based on popular vote, here are the event details:

When: Friday, 4 September 2020
Time: 3pm UTC | 10pm GMT+7 | 11am EST | 8am PDT
Livestreamed: on our YouTube channel

You can use this link to mark the date on your calendar, so you won’t miss it!

Will you be joining the call?

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  • See you next time

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Should you have any additional questions, or ideas for future calls, you know the drill! Leave a comment below in this thread, or drop me a DM.

List of questions to be discussed on the call:

  1. Go Incognito: How did you find out about Incognito? Why did you decide to use Incognito?

  2. New feature: What are new features that you expect to have in Incognito’s network? Will the community benefit from these features?

  3. Increasing Incognito’s exposure: What are some of the things we can do to acquire more users/spread the word?

  4. Incognito DAO: How can the DAO be organized more effectively?

  5. Community Builder Rewards: What is a product that’s most needed in the months ahead?

You’re all invited!



I would love if we could use a privacy orientated solution for these calls in the future. I know it seems to make not that much sense in this case, because everything will be public on LBRY etc. in the end. But I think we should not support and promote these privacy invading tools like zoom anyway. Maybe the team could setup a own server with jitsi, which you could use as well for your internal meetings etc.


Thanks for your input @sato! Sure, we are looking for the best solution for lifestreams and webinars at the moment. I’ll check if we can use jitsi or other privacy focused platforms for it :+1:


That’s a great idea Sato :+1:

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What are you most concerned about?

The content is streamed on youtube, and as you mentioned, made available at LBRY afterwards.

It might help to have a checklist while checking other options.

@Jamie ln my opinion we as a privacy movement should focus to use privacy friendly tools instead of privacy invading tools like zoom in general.


On last month call there was a segment where the Incognito Team had questions for the community. I think this is a great idea, however it would be more beneficial to the community if these questions were posted in this thread prior to the call thus giving the community time to reflect and formulate answers prior to the live call.

Perhaps answers could be posted to the questions here and read out by the moderator?

Some community members may not be confident speaking during the call (e.g. English may not be their first language). Hence, to be more inclusive, perhaps the moderator of these live calls could scan this thread and read out any Questions/Comments/Replies during the call?


heya, the questions were posted above in a drop down menu - but maybe weren’t visible enough!

i’ve just removed the formatting so the whole list shows.

this is a great idea! cc @elena


Much better @ning, thanks for making the questions easier to find.

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I would like to propose that any feedback Incognito wishes to gain from the community be done through this forum. Last month’s calls asked for people to comment on the youtube video. I think creating September PRV Holders Call RECAP with the ask for feedback on whatever list of topics, would be a better way to gain the information you are seeking.

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Hey @Linnovations! I like your idea, sure we will check this thread as well, but maybe it will be easier for users to write their questions directly in zoom or in the comments below the youtube livestream.

Also as @marko said, we will publish the RECAP. If you still have question after the call, feel free to post them in the recap thread on the or below the youtube video.


Yep, this why we published the questions this time in advance :slight_smile:


Hello @Ducky and @andrey,

Below are my answers:

  1. How I found out about Incognito?
    I found out via Youtube Search.
    I decided to use incognito because I think Privacy is paramount - the Number 1 most important thing.

Also, I wanted to get involved but running a Virtual Node to earn PRV tokens.

  1. New Feature
    A new feature that I think will help grow the network is providing any easy to setup and install Windows based Virtual Node. This will provide the ability to non-technical people to get involved and strengthen the network.

  2. Increasing exposure to Incognito -
    The new Node Tree is AWESOME! This design, ease of setup is really exciting and will create an amazing buzz. If Incognito team need to raise capital to fund mass production to develope and manufacture of these nodes, I highly recommend reaching ou to Simon Dixon and his company

Also, have you considered doing interviews with Crypto influencers like IvanOnTech via Youtube Channel?

  1. DAO Organisation
    I think Andrey brought up an excellent point, the power of the vote should NOT be only based on quantity $$$, as only the rich will control the DAO. This is not fair. There should be other factors such as
    (a) Age - Duration with the project
    (b) Actively involved in Community
    © Number of “Likes” by other Community members
    (d) Participation in Beta Testing and providing the best feedback
    (e) Developer with the best ideas built

    these are just some ideas, but you have to develope a rewards points system based on the above. The more point community members earn (they cannot be bought) the more power is added to the DAO vote (like a multiplier factor) so the DAO vote is not only based on $ staked in the platform get the biggest voting power.

  2. Community Builder Rewards
    When I think of “Builders” I think there are 2 types of builders
    (a) Buidlers of Tech (Developers, Coders)
    (b) Builders of Community and Usage (Marketing, Social media, promotion)
    I think there should be more incentives for category (b). Hence the product needed is some kind of Referral product that rewards people in PRV for promoting Incognito and bringing on board new users (like a referral program).

Thanks and keep up the great work.


Hi @elena, thanks for hosting the PRV Holders call. You did a good job moderating and announcing questions.
Thanks @andrey for all the effort you put into the slides to prvide a great update. You are a wealth of knowledge about this project and I’m so happy to hear you are doing some deep thinking about the DAO organisation and voting rights and the need for it to be fair. It’s not the case with other big projects where it’s the BIG money that have all the voting power.

This is incognito’s chance to build something right and fair. it all starts with your vision and the core team philosophy - thanks for asking for community input.


Great call!! The information and questions are always so informative.

Regarding this @andrey made a very valid point on inclusion and for simplicity maybe consider limiting the votes to Members that hold prv and can lock a set amount 10 to 100 for what ever is up for vote. It would be released back after the vote. Since I actively participate in Kyberdao, Compound gov, and Makerdao it’s definitely given me something to consider.
Thanks everyone

@andrey you said 3k-5k active users currently during the call. Does this include validators also, or only those people actively using the Dex?

Hi guys,

If anyone missed out the call last week, here is its recap :relaxed::

See you guys next month! :muscle:


Here’s an example of an interview on IvanOnTech’s YouTube channel on the topic of privacy -

Hey @andrey, I think you’d do an amazing interview with Ivan showcasing Incognito and the upcoming Node tree.

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Yep, it would be amazing. He already has our pNode device.
The only problem is that Ivan charges $11k for this kind of interview) Which could possibly bring us 50-100 new users in the best case.

Let give him some time to play with the pNode, then remind about the Node tree and maybe we negotiate something reasonable to push forward.


That’s very good that Ivan is using the pnode already. He will like it for sure, as there’s no reason he wouldn’t like it. Did he already stake coins on it? Maybe it would be good to pay him in PRV that he can take it for staking, then he would make for sure his return anyway :smiley: