Join us for the October PRV Holders Call

Hi all,

The October PRV Holders Call is coming soon. This is a good chance for us to meet each other live, share our views, and get the latest information on what’s happening around the privacy movements.

Similar to past months, we will go cover the following topics:

  • Our growth and development results in September.
  • Our goals for October.
  • Q&A.

Event details:

When: Friday, 2 October 2020
Time: 3pm UTC | 10pm GMT+7 | 11am EST | 8am PDT
Livestream: The Incognito YouTube channel

If you would like to add this event to your calendar as a friendly reminder, here is the link.

:bell: Note: We’re testing out some other applications which can be an ideal replacement for zoom from November. Thank you all for being patient!

Will you be joining this call?

  • Yes, I’ll be there!
  • Perhaps next time.

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Builders sidechat

This time, we would love to invite our community builders to present what they’re building on the call. It’s a great chance to introduce yourself to the world!

To @inccry, @Bruno, @raz, @taind, @Isyyyy, @Josh_Hamon, @Thriftinkid, @incsmile, we’d love for you to join in the call and briefly speak about your products with the community. Please do let me know if you’ll be joining in by leaving a comment below. :point_down:

Hey everyone, do you have your own ideas to share? Great! Share them with us during our Q&A!

Looking forward to seeing you!



Sorry, I’m not available at this hour :sob:.


Me too. I’m also not available at this hour. What if if the time was at 12:00 noon UTC? I know a lot of international calls are done at this time around the world. It fits nicely for all of Europe, all of North/South America, and all of Asia. Asia is a little late (but not as late as you are proposing) and USA (california) a tad early but they are used to getting up early if they trade the stock exchange.

12:00 UTC offers great worldwide coverage. Just my proposal :slight_smile:

utc noon (Custom)

Cheers to you, looking forward to it!


Hi everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Here are some questions to be discussed on the call:

1. What could be an ideal product market fit for the Incognito Network?

2. What kind of products need the privacy feature as a prerequisite survival?

3. What kind of real world problems should we solve?

Please have your opinions well-prepared, and bring them up on the call this Friday! :slight_smile: