Join the Privacy Quest, earn prizes (up to 1 BTC)

You’re invited on a Privacy Quest! Solve clues to find hidden codes and win prizes of BTC, PRV, XMR, Nodes, and more.

Sound good? Let’s get to it.

How to play

The premise is simple. First, you’ll need your Incognito app.

Don’t have the Incognito app? Where have you been! Get it here.


To start, open the app, and tap on “Quest”.

You’ll see treasure chests. Inside them are QUEST tokens, which you’ll be able to use to spin the lucky wheel and win prizes.

1. Tap on the chests to unveil clues

The numbers underneath each chest indicate the number of people who need to solve a clue in order to open the chest.

Clues point to QR codes that can be anywhere on the internet, but some helpful places to look are:

  • Social media comments (like replies to tweets)
  • YouTube video thumbnails
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Online forum posts (and not just this forum!)
  • Online articles, Medium, etc
  • Websites, blogs or social platforms of Quest partners
  • etc.

Once you’ve found a hidden code, you’ll need to:

2. Scan the code to get QUEST

Just tap the Scan icon in upper-left corner of the screen and you’ll see a chest pop up.

Types of chests

Empty chest

It’s important to hurry in this quest, because once the required number of people have found the code to open the chest, you’ll find it empty and won’t get a reward.

Locked chest

You are doing great! Simply wait for others to solve the chest, or share this quest with your friends and get a reward together.

Open chest

If you happen to be the last of the required number of people to open the chest – congrats, you just unlocked it for everyone.

A wild QR code has appeared!

Keep looking! This message appears when you’ve scanned a QR code that does not belong to any of the chests in Privacy Quest.

Receiving QUEST

Once a chest you found has been unlocked, you’ll receive the corresponding QUEST tokens. Your balance may take a few minutes to update, and if you have notifications enabled, you’ll get one when it does.

3. Spin the lucky wheel

Now that you have QUEST, you can tap the “Spin” tab to win some prizes. 1 QUEST token = 1 Spin. If you have enough QUEST, you can also spin 20x in one transaction!

To protect against bots/fraud and encourage new users to explore the app, there will be a fee of 0.07 PRV for each spin on the wheel. This helps new users get familiar with app features like shielding, trading, and sending between accounts. This way, people come for the Quest, but stay for the privacy.

There are 16 prize slots on the wheel. Some prizes are much easier to win than others, with BTC LOTTO tokens being one of the most frequently-appearing. Gotta get that Bitcoin!

Track the prize pool

At the bottom of the Wheel tab, you’ll notice a list of prizes. This dashboard shows you how many times each prize has been won, as well as the most recent time it was won ( hh:mm). Above the list, you can see how many spins have been taken, and how many LOTTO tokens still need to be won for the Bitcoin lottery to begin.

Check the status of your Quest

In the history tab, you’ll find two kinds of records.

1. Quest

Keep tabs on what chests you’ve been rewarded for, and how many people still you need for locked chests. You can share the Quest with your friends from here to open them faster.

2. Wheel

See what rewards you‘ve been paid, and which ones you’re waiting on. You’ll find every spin you make recorded here, for easy tracking. “Complete” means the reward has been disbursed (and will appear in your account shortly). “Pending” means the transaction is still processing, and you will likely be unable to spin the wheel again until it finishes.

4. Participate in the Bitcoin lottery

If you spin the wheel and land on “Lotto”, you’ll earn a very special token – LOTTO. At the end of the Privacy Quest, each of your LOTTO will earn you 1 entry into a random drawing to win the 1 BTC prize.

May the odds be in your favor!

So, if you’ve already raced through all the clues and want more, got there too late, or simply can’t find the answers – we’ve got you. We’ll be releasing new clues randomly over the next couple of weeks, even when the wheel is live. So remember to keep checking in!

More QUEST means more spins on the wheel, and more chances to win. More LOTTO means more entries to win 1 BTC.

Browse the prizes you could win >

See how luck is determined in the Privacy Quest >

We hope you enjoy the Privacy Quest. Remember that opening chests requires teamwork, so be sure to show your friends how to join the fun.


Why I cannot find “Quest” tab???


It is currently not live,
It starts at 1 PM EST | 10 AM Pacific

You will have to wait until then. I believe you use the web functionality in the app to go to a specific website that they will release at the designated time, but i’m not quite sure.


is it a live game, we have to wait for enough people to join the game?

It’s not live yet.
You’ll be able to join the Privacy Quest in the Incognito app from Nov. 12th at 10am Pacific Time. :sunglasses:

Really looking forward for the game, it´s going to be fun. But personally I think it might would have been better to launch the game on tuesday or later after the app update on monday with the new seed phrase feature is live, as it looks like many new users will join now through the game, would have been easier for them in this case. But anyway thanks a lot for bringing this great gaming experience to us :slight_smile:


We do have a nice plan regarding the new users :wink:


Looks like the Quest tab is there now. But are all QR Codes online now too? Having a hard time to find them so far :smiley:


I’m with you @sato. Might be missing something or just not looking in the right places. I did have an eye exam yesterday


Turns out, I’m amazing at privacy puzzles. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great fun! Well done team!


3 codes still missing :thinking::face_with_monocle:

I’m not sure if the QR Elena gave away before the Kahoot is supposed to be dysfunctional… probably more to it and I just can’t figure it out yet… will keep searching! Cheers!

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Suggest tweaking the chest icons to differentiate unlocked status (user unlocked vs. not unlocked by user).



Finding the answers is easy however haven’t seen a single QR code along the way??? Am I missing something?

Same here, perhaps there’s a trick?

Wow, I am very impressed that allmost all the chests have been opened. I was only a couple hours late! Makes me feel good about the project


I only found the last 2 ones hard to find haha (still haven’t found them) :sweat_smile:

I have no clue how this works :sweat_smile:

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Does an open chest mean you got the prize or that it’s available? I don’t even have the slightest clue where to look for these QR codes