Join the Incognito alliance!

Hi pals! Please direct to Rebel Alliance v.2: Calling for Rebels Alliance!

Incognito is seeking for Rebels to join our privacy alliance from around the world to spread information about the incognito privacy movement.

Incognito Rebels are passionate members from within our community that contribute to the project in various ways, primarily promoting the Incognito ecosystem and assisting our user base with questions and concerns.

What does a Rebel do?

  • Increase awareness and adoption of Incognito in your country
  • Active participation in your country’s blockchain community
  • Design and execute growth initiatives

Why become a Rebel?

  • Be part of a global privacy movement
  • Gain experience working with a fast-growing blockchain project
  • Monthly rewards in PRV
  • Build your personal brand in the blockchain community
  • Opportunity to travel around the world for speaking events

Who are you?

  • Located in a major metropolitan area
  • Fluent in English and preferably at least one other language
  • An experienced public speaker/presenter (idealy)
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about blockchain and privacy
  • Able to travel internationally

To inform the community that you are an Incognito Rebel, please publish a new post in this repository with a Title: Andrey - Incognito Rebel and some more details:

  • Where are you located (City, Country)
  • What kind of activity would you like to do to grow Incognito ecosystem
  • Please do at least one update per week under this publication - it help us to know what’s going on and coordinate big initiatives

Where to find the first mission ?


Where will the communication channel(s) of non-English-speaking ambassadors and their clients be? this discourse?

Note: I think to make announcements like this more visible, they should have another root category and such messages may be related with that category.


Reasonable, I agree that it should be a separate root for probably each language.


Do you look for someone who is a full-time ambassador? If so, at what conditions (payment, schedule etc.)? If not so, I may allocate some time at weekends and at weekday evenings. I will decide whether I will apply or not wrt your reply :slight_smile: @Grant @andrey


actually it’s not a full-time job. Probably it’s not a job itself, it’s a program for strong #privacy believers who would like to be part of such movement.

The same time, ambassadors will have quite a lot benefits described above.


1.My name is Roman, I am from Russia.
The best innovative project in the whole world!
My motivation is to tell the whole world that all your cryptocurrency transactions are visible to everyone!
2.Russia, English.
3.Banking sector
4.5 years
5.70 hours a week


hey @zes333 thanks for the application. On what do you think you could focus the most ?


@andrey HI!
At the current stage of development of our project, we are very short of the number of new users, and more specifically the number of active transactions in our network!

  1. Hi I’m Kieran Mesquita I’m from Australia but am a frequent traveller to all over the world. I like Incognito’s combination of scalability and privacy, I find the technical aspects to be interesting. I believe in cryptocurrency as a tool of economic freedom. I’m not a public speaker (or even good on camera in a pre-recorded manner) but I’m active in crypto telegram groups and somewhat on twitter and familiar with the technical aspects of distributed systems. I like to think I’m good at distilling technical projects into key-points for the non-technical folk out there.
  2. English
  3. Developer - Cryptocurrency/Distributed Systems
  4. Long enough :slight_smile:
  5. Can’t commit to a fixed amount, but whenever I’m able to.
  6. @mesquka on github, telegram, and twitter
    Personal Website
  • Your name : I’m Abduraman Blackram ( as @Grant know it is my stage name :slight_smile: ) I can disclose my real id just to Incognito as of now. If my application is accepted, depending on the condition, I can disclose my real id to the public.

  • Where you’re from: Turkey

  • What you like about Incognito: Being privacy-focused, the existence of a company behind the chain, shielding, pDEX

  • What your motivation to join the program is: Blockchain is future, Recognizing new people, Testing myself, Some people will demand more privacy at near future, Money :slight_smile:

  • What you think you can contribute: Since I’m a multidimensional person ( at least, I’m trying :slight_smile: ), I like researching, reading, transferring my knowledge to the others. So I hope I can transfer technical knowledge to non-technical people in the form which they can understand easily. Furthermore, I can transmit their feedbacks into the Incognito community in an organized way.

  1. Which language(s) are you fluent in? Turkish, English (reading, writing: I think good | listening, speaking: enough but needs practice)

  2. What’s your occupation: Senior Computer Engineer

  3. How long have you been in the blockchain industry? Since the bull of December 2017. Before that, I was just reading the news :slight_smile:

  4. How much free time can you commit per week? For traveling, I’m just available at the weekends. For Europe, thanks to the timezone difference, I may be available on weekday evenings, too. I think a conservative guess would be 20hours per week.

  5. Please also include a link to your twitter profile or other social media (Linkedin account of my stage personality :slight_smile: )

  1. Introduction
  • Mohak
  • New Delhi, India
    *I have a background in technology and finance. and working in crypto space for more than 3 years( full time for 2.2 years). I have analysed hundreds of crypto projects to build a very strong portfolio. Along with investments, I run validator nodes on 10+ networks. I have participated in various blockchain events as speaker, presenter, panelist, etc.
  • I recently used incognito wallet and I must say that I am very much impressed. People need to be more aware of the importance of privacy. The narrative " Why worry if you gave nothing to hide " must be changed. It’s not easy to achieve but worth putting efforts on.
  • I want to help Incognito in the following ways(will devise more as we move forward):
    -Gather user feedback to improve the product(I have travelled all over India before to run pilot programs for an EdTech firm).
    -Travel to various events to represent Incognito as speaker, panelist etc.
    -Organise privacy centric meetups and events.
    -Getting more validator to run the nodes.( I have been very actively involved in the Proof of Stake validator space)
  1. English, Hindi
  2. Fund Management, Staking(own nodes as well as Staking as a Service for 10+ networks)
  3. 3 years.
  4. Depends on the need: 2-15 hours.

I am going to have a quick chat with all applicants during the next days and share details about the next steps.




@anon8296499, @decentralise @abduraman @mesquka @zes333 thank you all for the applications.

You guys are awesome!

Preparing next steps for you guys.


Hi, Chucky here.

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Im simply in love with the ability to be able to send public assets privately using the incognito network.
I’m a big fan of privacy, and i believe everyone is entitled to privacy, be it online or offline. So when i found Incognito a few months back i was pleasantly surprised!
I felt the motivation to join the ambassador program after a friend pointed it out to me and i just felt great for the task! I’ve been part of the incognito network for a while now and strongly believe in the future of this chain and would like to be part of it!
I believe i can contribute a lot here!

Here’s some of the things i can contribute:

-Community outreach and creation (through different live events contests)
-Translations from Spanish to English and vice versa (voice translations, long papers, technical translations, native bilingual in both languages)
-Blockchain Education in general (been in blockchain tech for 7 years now)
-Digital artwork (Promo content, banners, etc)
-Host live events (in Spanish and English)

Which language(s) are you fluent in?

As stated before, Im fluent in Spanish and English to a bilingual level in both languages, I did most of my studies in The United States where i picked up the English!

What’s your occupation.

I’m currently part of the development team in a developer more of a think tank kinda guy), Ive know this community for almost 3 years now.
I do a bit of everything, but mainly i work with a group of people to educate users on proper blockchain usage and how it can benefit one’s life.
I also translate almost everything into Spanish (where i can)or i delegate the work to another member of my team. Can’t really describe my job concisely as i do a little of everything.

How long have you been in the blockchain industry?
Oh shucks i got ahead of myself and also stated how long Ive been in blockchain before! 7 years now since i first found bitcoin and have been here ever since!

How much free time can you commit per week?
Depending on the task required. I’m willing to commit around 15-25 hours a week.

Link to socials:

Don’t use twitter much but

Here’s some YouTube videos of the events/interviews i use to do

Chucky, out!


Do you take girls? You will be bored boys
Татьяна I’m from Bremen Germany
:heart:Incognito for privacy! Let’s get away from total surveillance of private life!
My languages English,German,Russian
I am a yoga practitioner.
In the blockchain 3 years.
Ready to commit 30-40 hours a week.
Thanks @nik he recommended me to write, asked you to specify his name!

  1. • Rani
    • Lebanon
    • it’s shielded tech wich provide for the crypto world a platform of freedome.
    • Helping a revolutionary project as an early adopter is the most powerful motivation
    • Spreading this project’s feature with a larger crypto community (TRON) also building community project which support incognito.
  1. English, french and arabic
  2. CS student, founder of ChocoData, bot developer for known crypto companies.
  3. 3 years
  4. Mostly available anytime
  5. Twitter :

Hello! Tell me when the tasks will be known as well as our actions?


What is expected is stated in the initial post. Not sure if selection took place already.



Hi, I’m Mike. I’m from New York City. What I like about Incognito is it’s concept, it’s scalability, and it’s team of people that are working on a project they are passionate about. I like the sense of community and working towards a common goal to grow an idea into a reality, and really get something done. And to be honest and biased, as an investor, I also like the potential for profit.
I’d like to join the program so that I can contribute my help in making all of this happen and knowing I had a part in the network growing and becoming mainstream.
I think I can focus on contributing a few things:

  1. From my career background, I think that I can help contribute in community building through conversation starting and community forum activation, helping keep momentum alive in the forum, and also bridging the gap between Telegram and by helping people move over to the website. I can help smooth out any individual or group upsets and therefore keep member retention high so as to not lose growth momentum.

  2. I could help in creating YouTube video content for further outreach and PR that can help safe point Incognito to new users who will want someone to relate to, acting as a sort of video Podcast to talk about Incognito as well as function as a basic tutorial for things like setting up a vNode or buying PRV in the PDex. I think this could help expand our user base to more than just techie or crypto aficionados. Incognito and crypto should feel accessible to everyone.

  3. I will continue to post my weekly graphed statistics on Incognito Transactions (See:
    Incognito Transactions (TXS) Statistics - Weekly Update 2/29/20), as well as a weekly graph for vNode earning statistics based on the average of my own 8 vNodes (See: vNode Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 2/29/20), so that potential investors have some reality on what to expect.

  1. English and semi-fluent in Spanish.
  2. Hospitality and Management.
  3. I’m a newbie!
  4. 5 to 15 hours.
  5. IG: @MichaelDespo