It's official Muffin Coin will be listed on Pdex

The erc-20 token powering the Muffin Coin community has been released onto the Pdex for anyone to purchase and get ready to use to get into the closed VIP community and vote on the coins future. Very happy to have listed here on Incognito Chain I hope the community takes a chance to check out the token and see what it has to offer to them and also muffins are delicious and wouldn’t you love to own some digital MFFNs lol :wink: Also disregard my typo

muffin now on incognito chainsmaller


Congrats… :partying_face: :sunglasses: :100:…that is awesome to hear…I told you that you would find the kind of persons and support in this community that would help you create something very cool that will hopefully benefit you and the community. Once again let me be the first to congratulate you on it and wish you continued luck with it… :sunglasses:

Thanks a bunch @Tempestblack it’s been a long couple years figuring out what to do with the token and its finally finding its place in the crypto space. I appreciate your kind words. The token is going for 10 cents currently, can proudly say we launched at a higher price than Bitcoin did :wink:

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I get paid in a couple of days…I will holler at you about picking a couple of muffin tokens…you never know could be a collectible one day…hehehe…:wink: :sunglasses:

True that man and I have already heard from certain members who just wanna hodl it. It would be great to have your support dude and Id love to support any projects you may have down the road.

Met a BTC maximalist that I got into Incognito yesterday and he bought some cause of the 1 million coins only and the governance of the token and the burn mechanism built in.

Holy Smokes!!!..look at the upward price movement of PRV just in the last couple of days…woohoo…nice… :100: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

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That is a really nice design, great color scheme.
Before you start using this image for promotion you may want to check your text. There is an A too many in the word CHAAIN. Or is this intentional?

Lol no you’re correct I just haven’t changed it yet

Congrats, it’s really nice coin and so delicious too


Lol thanks I just added more liquidity to the PRV-MFFN LP pool so now even more people can experience Muffins lol cause they are delicious :slight_smile:

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