Issue With Larger Transactions - App gets Stuck at 30% progress

I’ve observed a weird issue with the app, and I’d want to find out if others have seen this too or this is something isolated to my app/phone?

When I try to initiate a small transaction involving 50-100 PRV, it goes through with no problems. This applies to cross wallet transactions (moving 50-100 PRV from one account to another, for example - moving it from pDEX to pStake). This also applies to trades (selling PRV to convert to BTC). However, when I try to move a larger amount of PRV (over 1000 PRV for example), the app gets hung up at 30% and keeps spinning. This only happens when I try to move PRV between accounts or when I attempt to trade PRV for BTC or another crypto. When I try to convert BTC to PRV, any amount of transaction value goes through.

Can anyone comment or help me out to figure out what is going on?

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