Isaue eu tb provinding monero

Hi there.

I provided some monero, the transaction is marked as pending in Provide and cancelled in my Assets.

My coins are in my wallet. But Provide doesn’t allow me to try and provide again. Please help.

My wallet address 12swPNqs9H4vM6JVwiazhPa4EjHscbkYeQMiJ9gXqutN64hczXPcuSo68cDdBLsW3PrdEsxy1uwbWJAWrti8Ba12azKVvLvDoCNMGwpiNdh5MghDNBWGkQbgKMirczD6i2Zv7KpVt1gszNNJ9Z8G

Screenshot_20211014-100135_Incognito Wallet Screenshot_20211014-100221_Incognito Wallet

@Jared )

Hello @amarsari,

Please go into settings and click Clear Cached Balance and then click Clear History .

After this try to use provide again. If you still get an issue let us know.