Is this app doing okay part 2 ?

image Yooooo so. No only now takes forever to get your coins back after you withdraw

Now the fee for sending coins to your wallets outside prv incognito cost a arm and a leg?

Over 30. Prv to send over your covers this can’t be right? Or is it?

I hope I am reading this wrong

I like to add that I use this passive income for emergencies. Like rent and other things. It helps. Or I should say used becuase fee is to high to send my eth that I got from my prv which now I don’t have enough fund to turn back xD omg… I have to have fans to buy back prv and I can’t hahaha I’m dying over here…

I have 3 separate wallets of prv
One for each of my node
And pstake

You can’t mix them or consolidate like you would for or cro -
Would help a lot for non tech savvy to have a button to put everything in one place

In addiction a warning or notification of please leave 40. Prv for fee would be nice to know before thing to send coins to my other wallets outside this app xD idk what going here but I remember this app being lot more easy last year. Or even back in 2019