Is the Node Monitor down?

Hello, My Vnode is currently on a committee (as reported by the amazing Telegram Nito bot) and 10 hours ago it was listed on Incognito Node Monitor -

But I get a message “No Data” (see below)
INCNM - MyNodes 2021-11-10 190712

I try to add in my vNode, I get the error message in a Red box popup “Public Validator Key already exists”.

I go to “Inactive Nodes” and the list is empty “No Data” (see below)
INCNM - Inactive Nodes  2021-11-10 190802

Can someone please confirm whether this is an issue with the Incognito Node Monitor or not?

Just curious, is this site maintained by the Incognito Core Devs?


Was dead, now it’s up again.

When it’s down, I find it hard to figure out when my nodes should be in committee. Is it possible to run the monitor locally against your own full node or are there RPC commands to get this information?

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I agree with @fredlee, I rely on the Node Monitor for this information (I’m sure most Node operators do too).

An idea for @Support
Please provide alerts in the Incognito App that sends a push notification when the status of a Node changes?

For example send a notification:

  • when Node is on Committee,
  • when earning,
  • when pending,
  • when offline,
  • etc.

This is very important, because I am of the view that the health of the Incognito Network relies on the health of it’s Node operators.

Nito Telegram bot can do all of this:

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