Is it possible to have a dapp explorer?

I realize that the app utilizes the incognito chain for the dex and that people are working on native pApps for use on the chain but it’s it possible to make it so we can explore and interact with dapps on other chains like ethereum? I have tried to use the pDex to buy some obscure coins listed on uniswap but I can only get the coins to appear in the assets tab. I cannot get them to show up in the trade part of the app. So I’m not sure how useful the uniswap integration is if we can’t get the full functionality of the uniswap platform. Any insight into this would be appreciated.


hey @Brakley, regarding “dapp explorer”, sorry I don’t really get what this means. can you elaborate on the point?
And please take a look at pEthereum Specifications if you want to build/integrate your dapps (on Ethereum) with Incognito chain in order to bring privacy (or untraceability for more correctly) to the dapps. I mean with pEthereum, anybody can build their own pUniswap (not only Incognito core team)

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Yeah. I’m not a computer wiz. I just meant a way it interact with dapps on ethereum. Didn’t know if it were possible.

As you can see in the pEthereum spec, it’s providing 5 basic functions (shield, deploy, execute, undeploy and unshield). By using these 5 functions, any dapp developer can integrate their dapp with Incognito. We also have a plan to publish documentation of how the core team builds pUniswap, I personally believe that a tutorial with a real-world example would be the easiest way for builder/devs to get started with.

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