Is Incognito network down?

Hey @support
It seems all network is down! What’s going on? Almost all committee nodes are offline. Not only pending, but active members are offline.

My both pnodes are also offline in the node monitor, but still green in the app.
Log is not available through “browser” link on 5000 port also. If I follow the “chain-info” link, I’ll get:
{“data”:{“device”:{“ip”:{“ipWifi”:“”,“lan”:“”},“validatorKey”:"…"},“docker”:“not found docker running infomation”,“getchainminingstatus”:"",“getmininginfo”:""},“message”:" request",“status”:1}

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No, the network works well. In those times, you should check these links out:

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Yes, you should be right. But check this: Inactive nodes list. More than half of shard’s members are still offline.

For now, they are not so important while the team’s fixed nodes work well :joy:

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Same here, both my PNodes went from syncing to offline. No reason for it on my end

hi @Devenus
can you try to restart your pnode via port 5000 to clear data and re-run validator container.

GET: restart-docker restart-node?delete-data=0&qrcode=


My pnodes have just become online and started beacon syncing from the very beginning. I’ve done only remote power cycling, cause still away. Thanks

My two nodes are back online with green online status . But it does not show them currently syncing. I Only have the ability currently to plug and unplug them. I did that yesterday and checked them and they seem to have came back online. I do not see them currently speaking with a single shard. But they have been active on a few different shards during the day.

This is what it currently looks like

It looks like normal syncing with the beacon and shards after clearing chain data. Communication with shards is also syncing process according to the node’s vote participation in committee for the previous epochs. It happens in accordance to your node’s history list (when it was creating in the committee) in the same order.


Thanks for the explanation.
Both nodes are green lit with beacon and a shard now. :grin: