(Investigating) New wallets do not show balance

I recently created a new wallet on mobile, sent some funds, but no matter what I do the wallets display a zero balance.

If you import the wallet / keychain to the browser (which is a is a bit of a laborious process - it takes around 10 minutes or so to scan, and while scanning my computer’s CPU will sit at around 100c degrees with the fans on full whack) the balance will then show up. You can interact, and send coins to another wallet.

But you can’t unshield or do other actions in the browser wallet, so not all that useful.

I can even create a wallet in the browser, send funds to it, and see the balance. Then import that keychain to the mobile, and still the wallet shows zero balance.

All of this was done over 1 week ago, I have tried clearing cached balance, yet anything in the mobile wallet shows zero balance.

What is the point of privacy if every time you create a new wallet you need to contact support via the forum to “refresh” the wallet? It’s a joke.

Is there any way to get wallets to show the balance that doesn’t involve contacting support to fix it?

Hello @JimJam,

This sounds like a display issue inside the app since you are able to see the balance on the blockchain.

What fullnode is your app showing under settings?

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If it’s under network settings, it has Mainnet selected:


What app version? You can find it at the bottom of More > Settings.


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What phone OS? Please send me your OTA key.

It’s standard android. Is there any way without having to send you an OTA key every time?

I can’t think of a single time I created a new wallet and haven’t had to send you the OTA key just to get it working.

So, the only way to solve this is to send you OTA key then?

So much for permissionless…

Hello @JimJam,

We have identified a bug with the app fullnode after the bulletproof upgrade that occasionally doesn’t resync new wallets. The devs are working on sorting this out.

This has no impact on the network and the funds are actually available in your wallet right now, just not being shown via the mobile app. So only a display issue.